Dance India Dance Little Masters 8th May

Dance India Dance Little Masters 8th May

Dance India Dance Little Masters 8th May Videos Delhi Auditions, Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments.

DID L’il Masters 8th May Videos Part1

DID L’il Masters 8th May Videos Part2

DID L’il Masters 8th May Videos Part3

DID L’il Masters 8th May Videos Part4

  • Admin

    Sorry for the delay guys I was almost in the same situation last night.

  • mallikvm

    thanks for the videos

  • Beauty1996

    OMG!! Soo many pizzas! U made them all by urself!? Yum!

  • Admin

    OMG!! Soo many pizzas! U made them all by urself!? Yum!

    No I just finished them up 👿

  • prashant22

    thanks admin

  • Phini

    Thnx admin 😀

  • Nobody

    Nobody Question raise here for @Admin

    Sir Are You Demon or What ❓ how could you finish that all pizza’s 😆 …

    Oh Sorry you mean to say that you were busy to finish that all pizza’s, bcoz of thiz you couldn’t able to upload Bacha party video upto earliest time ?

    lol, it feel like that Admin Wife away from the house, and Hahaha. and he himself made cooking at home Alone :mrgreen: . that’s why we have to wait here Long for Video’s 😛

  • Nobody

    Tu Maiky Mat Jaiyo, Mat Jaiyo Mere JaAn 😆

    BachA paRty ki JAI hO

  • DIDrocks

    thanks admin…dude u couldve shared some pizzas with us instead of overstuffing ur belly. lol.

    anyways for today’s episode, i really dont have any favs cuz they were all so-so. kuch khaas nahi tha aaj ka episode. well nonetheless, im waiting for next week! peace out!

  • brkdancekid

    ye pizza kam aur dose zyada lag rahe hai

  • Sheena26


    No comments about DIDLM?!?!

  • Beauty1996

    Lolz!! How could u eat all of those?!!! Yum!! 8)

  • brkdancekid


    we talk about everything but didlm

  • brkdancekid


    come on

  • Beauty1996

    I can’t brky.

  • brkdancekid

    ok ur wish
    take car3e

    and study hard


  • Beauty1996

    Cya! And I sure will study! :mrgreen:
    BTW: it is not that I don’t want to, I have been banned by my dad. Lolz

  • Nobody

    Beauty your Dad doing good work for ya, but i wonder you still coming here 😆 , can i report to your father abt it ❓ . 😉

    Actually Admin eating all those Pizza Alone :mrgreen: , and bcoz of this his Stomach filled up too much 😆 , so he couldn’t able to upload those Video’s at time. and finally after 1 Day later while his stomach almost empty and he feel better lol so Admin sahib put those Video for us NOW 😛 .

  • rockstardchamp

    :mrgreen: 😆 Admin saheb .. do you run any pizza corner or wat … you prepared yummy pizzas .. give half pizza to beauty meri taraf se …. lol…hee heee

  • Beauty1996

    LOL!! First of all, his reason for banning me was cuz I was over doing it. But right now I have nothing to do except watch satyam shivam sunduram. Good explanation of why Admin put up the videos late!! 😆

  • Beauty1996

    I don’t want pizzas, but ty for the offer. I an trying to stay healthy and not pave a way to a heart disease.

  • DIDrocks

    that cheese pizza looks so yummy! man thats calling domino’s. i want pizza!

  • kanchha


  • Nobody


    your father is right doing, avoid too much using forum, consider on your study. bcoz of this Internet or chatting thing, your couldn’t do better consider on your study part. so keep away from thiz :mrgreen:

  • mita

    thanks admin.
    this time i think we get good chatting.

  • Gautam

    Khuch speed ke baare me bhi socho. Kam speed walo ko bhi Video dekhne ka option de do

  • patel.1005

    Why do I feel that part one and part two are the same as the may 7th episode?

  • akshayamolik

    ppl wil see did lil masters for dharmesh sir nahi to trp ki lag gaye gi that is why d sir has given a chance to teach them

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