I want to have children of my own, says Vrushali

I want to have children of my own, says Vrushali

Dance India Dance has showcased many young talent and has given many a great opportunity to present their talent to not only India but to many other countries in the world. In DID season one we saw a very graceful dancer and performer who won many hearts with various dance forms like Classical, Indo-contemporary, Hip hop, Latin American, Jazz, and our very own Bollywood Masala. We are talking about the Multi-talented and a versatile dancer Vrushali from Terence Ki Toli.

We got an opportunity to interview Vrushali at the DID Little Masters rehearsal. Vrushali is not only a dancer but is also an actor and has done a lot of work in Marathi films, serials, etc. She is elegant, well educated, intelligent, hard-working, matured and a very jovial person to talk to. Yes she is very lively and talkative. Lets see what the gorgeous Vrushali has to say about DID little Masters.

Q: How has your experience been so far with DID little masters?

Vrushali: DID little masters has been fun so far. Kids are very naughty and fun to be with. I was a contestant last year and this year I am co-choreographing with Mayuresh. After being with these kids I am excited to have children of my own (Laughs Vrushali, obviously she is joking, she is too young to get married and have children. Apart from that I am not sure if she is dating someone). DID little masters is a learning experience. It teaches us what is it to be in the choreographers shoes. Its challenging, its difficult as children have their mood swings and many other issues. However, its been a pleasant experience so far. Mayuresh and me are connecting a lot. We share similar ideas and concepts.

: Which was your favorite performance in the previous episode? Why?

Vrushali: Obviously my salsa (Uff teri aada). My two little babies rocked the stage. It was very difficult initially for the kids to get the right form and posture but later when they got the right visual references they did a great job. This performance also got the Lux best performance of the day titles and the judges including Mithun Da loved the performance.

:  How is DID little Masters different from any other dance reality shows currently on air on the other channels?

Vrushali: DID is diffrent as the sole objective of DID is dance. Unlike other shows, its focus is on showcasing the young talent and promoting its contestants.

: Comment on Sandip and Farah.

Vrushali: Sandip is the king of Ballroom dance in India. He is just an amazing person, very much approachable, cool to talk to. He has a great personality. He is so good-looking and handsome. Farah is the most amazing choreographer in Bollywood today. I loved her Om Shanti Om and I think that she is the only lady who can give tuff competition to the men of our industry. She is a force to be reckoned with. Girl-power rocks!

Q: Who is your favorite dancer?

Vrushali: I love all the dancers from So you think you can dance. I am a very big fan of Mia Michaels. Love her routines. She is brilliant, untouchable. I love Vaijyanthi Mala, my professor Vaibhav Arekar and Terence Lewis.

Q: Message to all.

Vrushali: Honesty never fails to reach, so always perform with cent percent honesty and you shall always be victorious.
After we were done wit the interview, all the kids jumped on her, hugged her and she almost had to struggle to break free. Kids love her immensely. Mayuresh has gone out for some work so we couldnt speak to him.
We would like to wish the whole group luck and success.
(Vrushali has completed her 12th in Science. Later she opted for a 5 years Degree in classical dancing called Bachelors in Fine arts in Bharatnatyam. She is only trained in classical, however she performed almost all the styles in DID. She has Choreographed for three Marathi movies: Chingi, Tya Ratni Paus Padat Hota, etc.)

Source : danceismylife

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    First 😀 vrushali

  • DIDrocks

    hmmph! now i wonder where my earlier post went. oh well! but yes, i agree that no matter what, lil masters is a very good opportunity for the 5 choreographers. its a good experience. hopefully, this is like the first step towards success for them. good luck to all.

    *second*! lol.

  • AnnieJ

    I’m amused that this post garnered so very little attention…

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    I’m amused that this post garnered so very little attention…

    One of the reasons could be less Male audience Maybe.

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      Hmm, perhaps so. But the females didn’t care much for it either? XD

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    Admin said: Jun 22, 2010 pm30 2:37 pm

    One of the reasons could be less Male audience Maybe.

    Admin you seem to be in awe of Vrushali.

    As per what was written above in the introduction;

    “Lets see what the gorgeous Vrushali has to say about DID little Masters.”

    Admin , do you seriously think that she is gorgeous or is
    it just an adjective.Kya pata aapke nazron mein shayad woh
    gorgeous hi ho.

  • karan99one

    @ admin

    that was just a joke .ha ha

  • priyam

    Vrushali is a great dancer. She was one of my favourite and her expressions are just mindblowing. She really deserves this chance as skipper. She was just amazing in the Hai Rama performance with jai.

    Best of luck Vrushali and I hope that you become very famous Choreographer one day.

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