Farewell until next season!

Farewell until next season!

Well, since the DID Little Masters season is over, many of you want to say goodbye to each other before you sign off until the next season of Dance India Dance (especially since that chat room may not be back for a while!). You can say your farewells and adieus on this post!

Look forward to our interim posts – we’ll bring interviews with the contestants and keep you up to date with the latest and greatest information about DID 3!

For those of you who are leaving,we bid you adieu. Thank you for being a part of the community. We hope you enjoyed your stay here. See you next season!

107 thoughts on “Farewell until next season!

  1. AnnieJ says:

    Posted by special request :]]

  2. GabbarSingh says:

    WOWW am I the very first? after a MOD of course LOL. Can’t believe it.

    So long friends. ya know Annie, DidRocks, Brkdancekid, do’t you all think we need a similar website for SRGMP? Now taht its starting from next week.

    Just a thought!!!!

    1. Love says:

      No G:
      I was first :confused: I did not have a word for farewell so i just put a smiley..and Moderator madam removed my comment!! What a Great Farewell :|

      1. AnnieJ says:

        Yep, Love was second (after me). I deleted that post (was trying to fix a technical problem). :P

        1. Love says:

          Good excuse :wink: If you have deleted thats fine :confused:

          1. AnnieJ says:

            Nahi, excuse nahi hai! I really did do that! My own comment was deleted also! :| :| Why would I delete your comment, anyway? Lol :P

          2. Love says:

            So u meant to say after technical problem is fixed, I guess your comment will come back automatically and member’s comment will be deleted :confused: :?: :?:

          3. AnnieJ says:

            No no, sweetheart, you’re confused. I deleted the post – both your comment AND mine were deleted. Remember, I had written, “By special request…!” So when I made the new post, I wrote a similar thing :]

          4. Love says:

            @ AnnieJ:
            I thought of pulling your leg this time… :P
            This happened to me third time…so i was wondering how this can be third time :lol: :lol:

  3. alfiya says:

    :oops: all the best

  4. krishu says:

    I will really miss all of you yaar :( :( :(. I will also miss Dance India Dance very, very much. I always used to look forward to it every Friday and Saturday, but now I won’t be able to :( . I really want to thank Brk, Love, DIDrocks, Gagan, rpatel91 for supporting me with my decision to try out for DID Season 3. If I forgot to mention any names then I am sorry. I hope that when Dance India Dance Season 3 starts and God Willing I get selected in Top 18, then Top 12, Then Top 6 then the Grand Finale if my Hard Work pays off, hope it will, then I hope that you guys talk about me in DID Season 3. Thank you so much all of you, Brk Thank You for teaching me some dance steps, I really appreciate it. :). I would like to say some shayaris:

    Kabhi yaad aaye to ek baar kehna,
    Kabhi sagar banke in aankho se behna,
    Agar dost na huye to ajnabi hi rehna,
    Par yaar kabhi alvida na kehna. :)

    Saamne ho manzil to raasta na modna,
    Jo man mein ho wo khwab na todna,
    Har kadam par milegi kamyabi tumhe,
    Bas sitare chunne ke liye,
    Kabhi zameen na chodna. :)


    :lol: KEEP DANCING!!! :D :D :D

    1. Love says:

      Best of luck, Nishi once again!!!
      We all r here, just put the comment and we will be here for u :D

    2. rpatel91 says:

      aww nishi.. love your shayari! and ur welcome :) all the best again! and dont worry you’ll defo be in the finals. your hardwork and dedication will defo pay off and we’re all here to vote and pray for you too! good luck! :D we’re all gonna miss you and your shayari’s too! take care nishi :)

      1. krishu says:

        Thank You Riya, it’s really nice that all of you support me so much :P

    3. DIDrocks says:

      aww how sweet! all the best Nishi! rock it my dear! :D

      1. krishu says:

        Thanks Shruti :D

    4. me.yummy says:

      Hi Nishi
      All the best,dear.Hard work always pays.

      1. krishu says:

        Thanks Yasmine, I agree :D

    5. T_Rocks says:

      hey yeh to terence ki lines hain na ?

    6. brkdancekid says:

      @krishu u r always welcome dear

      1. krishu says:

        Thank you Brk, I really hope that you try out in DID Season 3, you really need to, All the best :)

    7. Anushree says:

      All the very best nishi. Hefully, u will be in Terence Ki Toli! U r gonna rock it! Good luck once again :)

      1. krishu says:

        Thanks Anushree, But I also like Remo Sir yaar. He is also Mind-Blowing. :P Let’s hope for the best :P :D :P , Thank You So Much all of you really, we all might have fighted over little things but at the end we are all friends right :lol: , Wish you all, All The Best for the Future, Come back in DID Season 3, don’t really know if I might be here then :P

  5. Admin says:

    GabbarSingh said:
    Aug 9, 2010 am31 5:41 am
    WOWW am I the very first? after a MOD of course LOL. Can’t believe it.

    So long friends. ya know Annie, DidRocks, Brkdancekid, do’t you all think we need a similar website for SRGMP? Now taht its starting from next week.

    Just a thought!!!!

    Just wait for a couple of more days :)

    1. GabbarSingh says:


      THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR (in anticipation)

  6. Anushree says:

    I’m really going to miss all of u guys so much! DID has been so much fun to watch for me and my whole family, and also another family who came over every Friday and Saturday just to watch it. I’m so so eagerly waiting for Season 3! Hopefully, that will be soon too. If I sit here to list out every1 I will miss, it will take forever. I just wanna say, shruthi, Yasmin, beauty( my very first frnd on the chat room) love, gabbar bhaiya, gagan, Karan: I’m gona miss all of u guys so much. U guys really brightened some of my days. And of course, touched my heart. I look forward to seeing u all soon! Sorry for typing so much, I couldn’t control myself. :| hopefully, gabbar bhaiya will know y :wink:

    1. DIDrocks says:

      awww Anu thats soo sweet. i will miss u too. but do come back for DID3. im sure we will meet again! :wink:

  7. Anushree says:

    Gabbar bhaiya,
    I came to Atlanta international airport. I couldn’t come c u cause I had a connecting flight back home. I hope u had my ‘gift’ ready for raksha bandhan :D

    1. GabbarSingh says:

      Hey Anu:

      Glad to know that you set your foot in Atlanta. Let me know next time, so that I can atleast come to the airport and seeya.

      You take care and be safe, God bless!!!

      1. Anushree says:

        of course, but i doubt that will be very soon. grandparents from both sides have already visited once and seen the East Coast, and it will take time for more ppl 2 come visit :)This time, even i didnt know. i asked my dad where the connecting flight was from, and he said Atlanta International Airport. immediately, i was like, ‘i told gabbar bhaiya i was coming, but i didnt know i was gonna be in Atlanta!’
        it would have been wonderful 2 c u!
        c u some other time :)
        Take care, and god bless u 2. instead of a rakhi, main bas aapko pyaar bhej sakti hoon, aur woh to kar hi diya hai :) aur hopefully aap ko mil bhi gaya hai :wink:

  8. I_am_Ms_Crazy says:

    Will this website still be up for us to talk even though the season’s over??? :?

    I will sincerely miss all of y’all and hope to talk to you soon…

    See you in Season 3!

    Sorry this message isn’t that heartwarming, I wish it was more heartwarming… :roll:

    1. GabbarSingh says:


      If you read all the comments from the very first to the very last, I think you will get the answer to the question thats running in your mind. :).

  9. I_am_Ms_Crazy says:

    I know..but I was hoping that it would still be up… :(

    1. AnnieJ says:

      Sweetheart, this website will always be up! Lol. After all the work that has gone into this over the years, I’ll be damned if the site goes down! :lol:

      We’re always looking for ways to make it more awesome, anyway. I wonder how many of you noticed that if you click Dance India Dance Season 1, you can see contestant bios and an episode guide! Hehehe…. that’s pretty new, and there’s more where that came from :P

      1. I_am_Ms_Crazy says:

        THANKS!!! (yelling meant in a good way)

        For all your hard work on this site, and for your endless support. :D

  10. Prince Abbas says:

    We’ve had quarells, arguments, tellings offs, funny moments, good and bad experiences.

    But what I want to say is I forgive you all.

    Im so happy that Jeetumoni won :D someone said to me i think it was thmmer thats we’ll see if ur ‘advertisng’ pays off and it did. Jeetumoni is a Gem ♥

    To the moderators please dnt go in hibernation mode lol keep us updated with any photos/interviews/performances of the Little Master post DID. Esp any of Jeetumoni’s.

    I think someone should make a fanpage for Jeetu…. mayb i should work on it lol. But seriously been a pleasure to interact with you guys.


    Until next season keep dancing ;)
    Have a good life :)

    Aap ka


  11. rpatel91 says:

    byee to all those leavin :( it was nice speaking to you all and hopefully ill speak to u guys soon during the next season! till then, take care and keep smiling! :) will miss you all!

    Admin – thank you for the videos, news and the website! thank you to all the mods too, for the news and keepin the chat room and forum clean and also to everyone i used to talk to on chat for the funny convos and fun times and also to those of you who’ve helped me.. thank youu!

    Nishi, Brky and anyone else thinking bout auditioning for DID3.. GOOD LUCK! :D and to the rest of you too for whatever you guys are thinking to do! lol good luck!

    1. GabbarSingh says:

      How is it goin Riya? Its been sometime. I am sure all is OK at your end.

      Hope to talk to you soon.

      1. rpatel91 says:

        i know, its been ages :( everythings goin good thank you and yep everythings oki too :) hope you’re good!

  12. GabbarSingh says:





  13. AnnieJ says:

    Thmmer, where are you, Monocle Boo? Am I ever going to see you again? :’(

    Oh Thmmer, ever the troublemaker. You are a great chap, and I have spent many a sleepless night being entertained by your geekiness. (Those sites you link to, the random image macros, the bizarre videos…) You add such wonderful humor to this forum with your snarky comments, blatant mockery, and love of trolling. You’re a smart guy and probably the reason we have no chat room at the moment, but I love you anyway. :lol:

    I’ll miss you boo! Keep in touch, kay? :)

    1. thmmer says:

      I say mademoiselle, the nicety of this magnum opus of an essay makes me reconsider my departure for this fine house of gentlemen and ladies alike. I too have thoroughly enjoyed our little tit-bits when we’ve had the chance. I think we were able to guffaw together because we both come from such fine blood and share an almost equal and unrivaled passion for memes. I remember learning a few from you(‘nosebleed’). I also remember having fun whilst we played that metaphor for a game (if you know what I mean). But alas, all good things must come to an end so I’ll bid adieu to you here, but you know where to find me if need be.

      *Adjusts Monocle and slowly walks away.*

  14. chakram says:

    plz any 1 reply the dates of next season to bcaz iam very much eager to take participate in

    1. rpatel91 says:

      i dont think they’re out yet tbh but good luck with your rehearsals and everything :)

      1. chakram says:

        thank u dude.if u any information plz send it to plz.
        i am very much eageriy wating to paticipate in DID season3

  15. Manishivani says:

    Heyyyy Guysss. I couldn’t believe that i would have so much fun here… Thanks for being soo caring and loving. Thanks for making me ur friend… Love u alll :)

    Zindagi me log milte hai EVERY TIME;
    Achche late hai SOMETIME;
    Dost bante hai ONE TIME;
    Par yaad ate hai LIFETIME……………. Love u all :P

    You may be out of my sight, but not of my heart;
    You may be out of my reach, but not of my mind;
    I don’t know what I mean 2 u, But u ‘ll always be my dearest friends……
    Tilll the next season……Going to miss u all :(
    Karan, Yasmin, Gabbar, Gagan, Riya, Brky, Love & Moderators.. If i missed someone, Sorrry!!!!
    Keep Smiling :D

    Lots of love,
    Manisha…………. :wink:

    1. me.yummy says:

      Hey Mani,
      I am surprised to see that this long post has been written by you. :roll: It has definitely made up for some of your silence in the chat-room.Hope you are more active in the next season.Bye till then and tc, dear.

      1. Manishivani says:

        I hope too that i will be more active…But sometimes I dont have anything to talk but this time i will make sure i will have something to talk….lolzzzzz

        How r u?? Long time no see…. How r ur studies going??

        1. me.yummy says:

          I am well, Mani. :D Studies will begin soon, now that this chat room isn’t there to distract me.

    2. rpatel91 says:

      awww such a cute lil poem.. gonna miss you too and you wont be forgotten either.. none of you will.. take care manisha and tell roshni i say bye too! :)

  16. me.yummy says:

    I really am disappointed as the chat room has been taken away from us.I am going to miss many people here:
    Gabbar: I will miss the teasing,fighting and the tomfoolery that we indulged in.(aur kuch nahin kahungi,kyunki yahan whisper option nahin hai) :lol:
    Riya,DIDrocks,Sul:Will miss you all and tc friends.
    Zee:Where are you, dear?Hope you read this to say one final bye.All the best for the interviews(or whatever you are planning to do)and Hyd.(he he)
    Rocky:Keep mailing me and ROCK-ON.
    Love:I will try to emulate you and study well :idea: (and since the chat room has been shut down,I might be able to do that)Ashirwad do!!
    Gagan :evil: : uhm..uhm..You will be missed…not really…jk.
    Anu: I will miss you too,
    Beauty,Raina,Roshnie ..and Karan : tc all of you.
    Also,there are few people,for instance Raju,Zeru, Puri and Fifa fan, that I dont want to see in the next
    I am going to miss you all so so much.Muaaaah.

    1. DIDrocks says:

      i had a blast yasmin with u guys. i do hope to see u in DID3. if u r leaving, then bye from me and it really was nice meeting you! :)

      1. GabbarSingh says:

        didrocks is playing the role of a PERFECT MOD, I mean come on, absolutely no questions about that :).

        Hey sister, just kidding. You know how I always try to piss you off :). How is it goin sister? DOing well I am sure. :).

        TAke care and god bless!

        1. DIDrocks says:

          im doing okay brother! kinda busy these days! lol! and u also take care of urself! :D nice meeting u! :)

    2. rpatel91 says:

      lool Yasmin!
      will miss you lots too!.. take care :)

    3. brkdancekid says:


      yah i will miss all the people ,
      god bless and all the best for ur studies
      and by the way im using listerine nowadays lolz
      u can add me if ur on fb

      1. me.yummy says:

        :D smile and flash your pearlies :D

    4. sul03 says:


      awww i will miss you to and i hope you get what you want in life

      Take Care

  17. GabbarSingh says:

    Arey Yasmin, you are so correct in saying that we all are going to miss each other very much.

    How is it goin girl? Are you doing ok? You take care and be safe. Surely miss our chatting, no doubts.

    1. me.yummy says:

      I am just fine,Gabbar. How are you doing? Sab theek? :wink:
      Take care.

  18. amithdsouza says:

    jeetu fado fado you are the best and you are the first

  19. janie says:

    i really wish DID2 would continue :( anyways i’m so happy jeetu won…..looking forward to DID3..ciao :)

  20. chakram says:

    AnnieJ plz tell me dates of DID next season.if u know send it to

    1. AnnieJ says:

      No information yet, but when I get any info, all of our members will get an email ;)

      1. chakram says:

        thank u anniej for ur information. :lol:

  21. Prial says:

    Hope this time Sa Re Ga Ma Pa will be more interesting. 8O

  22. brkdancekid says:

    end of article

    i will certainly miss this site
    and the ppl
    @gagan aka lady gaga aka anu malik aka captn planet aka goga :

    will certainly miss fighting with u , i would have thrown my shoe at u , but u would tell me to throw a branded shoe or who knows sold my shoe lolz

    dont worry u will certainly reach new heights in telling
    even more stupid pj .

    q-who is gagan’s favorite contestant in all the seasons of did ?


    keep up ur goodwork i know the good things u do u dont brag but all the best for it .

    and i hope u got the dhanno from basanti


    thanks for guiding me and showing new avenues
    if u hadnt stopped me from joining that ITO job i would have joined it then messed up my future .

    and yeah i likked ur puzzles what was taht jerry springer live or something
    and the anagram game ” dobegoy “(so;ve this)

    and u shud erad about george bernard shaw thought it might interest you .


    keep on dancing girls
    and keep on updating ur moves
    and dont forget the choregraphy that u have learned
    (keep it in the back of ur mind)


    i hope u become the most succesful doctor
    and get ur dream car the lexus
    and keep in touch with supremesoul

    u might try reading the associate from john grisham
    and all the best for teh future
    and i hope ur practice flourishes


    sul the cool girl
    u r the only girl who writes with an accent lolz
    u r a wonda’ful girl , keep on volunteering and helping the kids .

    thumbs up

    @Jin Baba

    i know u have disapparated but i liked ur humour very much ,
    i wish u all the success in life and in searching for a wife ,
    and yeah i wud like to learn some networking from u lolz


    the first thing i remember is ur “awwwwwwwww” when i think of u lolz , i hope u become a successful psychiatrist and “do give gagan some discount ”

    okies tata

    @MJfan and voice of reason

    i enjoyed ur discussions, hpoe u come bak soon
    and remo sir does rocks \m/


    rocky i read ur scrap tat ur coming to hyderabad
    will try to meet u
    otherwise im either busy in studying or searching for job or plaing bball at IIIT

    i hope u have a great future , and get many promotions


    karan all the best mate for ur management pg i hope u do it with flying coulours and yes
    do read “the guide ” from RK narayanan
    it would give u an insight in ppl behaviour .


    hi jas u will be the future business tycoon
    just keep on working hard
    but remember cherish the present day
    and yes ur mother is happy because u think of making her hapy :)


    thanks for being my first freind in this forum
    and i know u r busy in studies , u will crack the pg exams
    tension not

    @Annie J

    As arnie says oops i mean annie says ” this forum is a previlige and not a right ”

    i hope u be the head of united nations one day and do watch the leadership lessons from dancing guy at thmmers wall .


    at first i always thought that i will never mess with ms rocks but then
    when i ncame to know her she was very nice and considorate and an able mod who can stop anyone from sparring .


    i wud like to thatnk you for making me a mod , but as i live in a joint family now my priorities have changed a bit .
    but i would still like o help whenever.

    will miss all the wonderful users


    1. me.yummy says:

      Gagan tops the list of the people you will miss?!Gagan se itna pyaar? :P

      1. brkdancekid says:

        if u lose a pen u can buy another one ,but if u lose a cap u dont buy another one , thats why cause he is a “dhakkan”

        1. breathless says:

          Wish you the best of luck, i will take your advice to cherish the present moment. It was great taking chatting with you man, hope to meet you one day. Peace!

          Gagan is a person who tops everyone list. He is a great person once you get to know him.

          1. me.yummy says:

            Hopefully,I’ll get the opportunity to know him better when the chatroom will be up again.Though the chances to know him better look bleak, as Gagan changes everyday!!lol.
            At the same time,I wonder how differently he behaved with you, for you to back him to the hilt. :P

   must be on cloud 9(probably that’s the reason you are not posting any comments).
            Come back, yar.And infuse some humour to this post!!
            Am counting on you Gaga. Sorry, Gagan. :lol:
            Lv, Yes-mean.

          2. Love says:

            I agree with you, Gagan is an interesting person once we know him. :D

        2. me.yummy says:

          lol @ brky

    2. AnnieJ says:

      What a long post! Lol. I will definitely do something awesome in coming years :) And yes, I did watch that video… an interesting example of leadership, indeed! :D

      Joint family, huh? Well, take care of yourself and stop by when you can ;)

      1. Rocky says:

        ““A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

    3. DIDrocks says:

      man…i didnt know i was THAT intimidating! lol. jk. had a blast with u! all the best for your future, hip-hopper! :wink: :D

    4. Love says:

      Thank you Brky :D
      You too take care and study well :mrgreen:

  23. brkdancekid says:

    did jeetu really win wow
    mere ghar pe to bachche
    cartoon network hi dekhte rehte hai
    me remote ke liye tarasta reh jata hu

    1. Love says:

      Tum bhi brky…Apun Ka ye Website Kab Kaam mein Ayega :lol: :lol: Idher se Dekho na..Crystal Clean and Clear Videos…Remote (material thing) Tumhari Ungaliyon ke Tarsega..tum Kyun Tarso :D

    1. me.yummy says:

      Hi rocky
      Welcome back :lol:

      1. GabbarSingh says:



        1. me.yummy says:

          Gabbar, drink BEER!!

          Hope you never attempt this Gabbar-giri of yours again.AT LEAST HERE.

  24. mita says:

    miss u all, but hope we will meat soon because they allready start talking about DID3 :D

  25. thmmer says:

    Why is everyone crying like a bunch of 12yr old girls?

    1. GabbarSingh says:

      Thmmer, just the feeling of separation is making this happen :)

    2. aamna says:

      i totally agree with you not like were never gona talk. admin said wait for didseason 3 maybe not admin but some one did alright calm down

  26. Rocky says:

    i can’t imagine this forum with out dance india dance .. empty ..

  27. Rocky says:

    Admin dont you think of renaming this forum as “India’s talent” or some thing like that where every can post comments on all reality shows .. just a thought :confused: :confused:

    1. AnnieJ says:

      Lol, each site has its own personality. It’s nicer to make several separate sites and have them be sister sites rather than trying to put them all under one umbrella, in my opinion. Anyways, I don’t think Admin would make pages for all reality pages – can you imagine trying to moderate that much traffic? Yikes!

  28. Admin says:

    Rocky said:
    Aug 13, 2010 pm31 11:28 pm
    Admin dont you think of renaming this forum as “India’s talent” or some thing like that where every can post comments on all reality shows .. just a thought :confused: :confused:

    India’s talent is hard to handle. :roll:

  29. daris says:

    Looks like its not end of fun afterall…

    Just saw Dharmesh Sir and Prince in Comedy a daily soap on Sony and boy were they amazing….

    they rocked the show…

  30. I_am_Ms_Crazy says:


    ur bud won Indian Idol!

    happy Sreeram.

    Hope he has fun!

    Been nice talking to u considering u were the first one who tlked to me.

    Been wonderful tlking to everybody else too!!!! :wink: :mrgreen:

  31. hhira13 says:


    1. aamna says:

      u can keep dreaming hhira13 i hope they would come england any way keep dreaming best of luck with that

      1. AnnieJ says:

        You kinda sound like you’re being a jerk :\ They could potentially come anywhere, or they might not!

  32. aamna says:

    no one meantioned my name but don’t worry i can welcome myselfffffffffffffff

    1. AnnieJ says:

      But this was a farewell post! Lol

      1. Rocky says:

        Hiya Aamna my l’ll Cat , how have you been these days my sweety tweety Tamarind.

        Haaaa haaaaa huuuuu huu heeee heeee

      2. aamna says:

        it’s not ur cup of tea never mind

        1. AnnieJ says:

          But I like tea!! :[[

  33. aamna says:

    when will chat open i feel bored at home it’s my holidays and rocky plz fix my login for that chat u sent me on email.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  34. hhira13 says:

    When are the DID season 3 auditions for india?? I need the dates ASAP I am booking my tickets please!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. chakram says:

    AnnieJ my heart is flowing vt tears to take participate in DID next season…………….. :| :oops:

  36. Sanjana012 says:

    I have very good news :D 29th october starts audition to DID Doubles. First audition is in Indore :)

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