Farah not happy with weeping mom on her show

Farah not happy with weeping mom on her show

Farah Khan fires weepy moms on her show for setting a bad example for their kids

Farah Khan is perturbed seeing the mommies weep after their tots lose out in TV shows like Dance India Dance — Li’l Masters which she is judging these days. The fiery director is known to reprimand moms who get all teary-eyed.

Being a mother herself, Farah feels instead of encouraging the children to do better, their loud bawling puts pressure on the child who feels it is a do-or-die situation!

She says, “The children are cool and take the mistakes in their stride. They are sporting even when the judges point out their mistakes — it is like an ‘okay, fine.. I will improve next time’. But when they see tears in their mother’s eyes, they don’t know how to react. This is what puts unwanted pressure on them. They become nervous as if they have done something terribly wrong.”

Dance India Dance — Li’l Masters has Farah as the judge along with choreographer Sandip Soparrkar. The 16 children have been selected via all-India auditions by choreographers Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis and Remo.

Farah has already scolded some of the contestant’s mothers who sob. “I felt terrible seeing their children. One of the kids did not know how to react.” She has now left it to Mithun Chakraborthy who is guiding the children, to knock sense into the mothers. “Mithunda has already spoken to them and told them to stop doing it.”

Calm and composed

Adds Farah, “It is important for the mums to remain calm even if the child does not fare well. I told one of the contestants to take a break for a day as his mother’s crying was affecting his rehearsals.”

Though she has judged reality shows like Indian Idol, Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa and Entertainment Ke Liya Kuch Bhi Karega before, this is the first time she is judging kids. “Unlike adult contestants who complain about each other, the kids are friendly with each other. They are all so full of talent – ” now only if their mother let them be and stopped wailing in front of them.”

Everyone loves their mom, and in turn, every mom loves her children. But how should children feel when their mom weeps over something they don’t? Is that the best reaction for a mom to have? Is it the best example she can set for her children? What do you think?

  • me.yummy

    yes!i m d first.yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😆

  • A_A

    werent there 2 kids who mithun put in the top 30 of lil masters during DID2

  • kkoble

    Farah’s right; mom’s should not cry especially of their child doesn’t cry; the next time the child goes to try out they will have so much pressure on their shoulders because they will think about last time and how they made their moms cry

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