Farah Khan celebrates her 10th anniversary on reality shows

Farah Khan celebrates her 10th anniversary on reality shows

Farah Khan, last seen on the judging panel of Zee TV‘s DID L’il Masters, will now be seen judging Sony TV’s Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega with Anu Malik starting on Monday, August 16th. “This is actually my tenth TV show,” she says. “I have done seasons of Indian Idol, Dance India Dance, Entertainment ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega and Tere Mere Beech Mein. And I am enjoying this!”

Farah Khan, mother of three kids, shared her thoughts on managing her home and career together. “Sometimes when my kids fall ill, I [wonder] ‘why am I doing all this things if my kids are not well?’ At that moment, I think that I should leave everything.” So why does Farah take up reality shows if she feels it is difficult to manage? “Well, I take all those realities which are shot near my house –  even ‘Entertainment Ke…’ is being shot at Yash Raj, which is quite near to my house,” explains Farah.

Farah Khan is seen judging many reality shows on TV these days. “Actually season three of ‘Entertainment…’ is my 10th year to judge a reality show. If you count the shows and their seasons since ‘Indian Idol,’ ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Dancing Star,’ ‘Nach Baliye 4,’ and so on, and now with this season 2 of ‘Entertainment…,’ it is my 10th year to be on the judges panel. But after this season of ‘Entertainment…’ I am going to take a break, otherwise not only I but the audience also will feel bored to see the same face again and again,” says an overwhelmed Farah.

However, she admits that TV didn’t come naturally to her. “I learnt if from Sajid.” Farah’s brother Sajid judged for the first time with India’s Got Talent Season 2. “I went to his shows and picked it up from him. He taught me how to behave and be more interesting on TV. Now I can say I am pretty good,” she adds.

When asked how she feels about her brother judging another show, she said, “When it comes to judging, I am senior to Sajid. Though I think that Sajid can give better tips to the contestants, I can judge a person in a more proper manner.”

Do the kids recognize mommy on screen? “No, as they are two and half years old, for them there are two mommies. One is without make up, which they see at home and one is on-screen mamma with make up. But yes, they can make out Sajid when they see him on hoardings. They say that this is Sajid Mama (Uncle)”.

Best of luck to Farah, her family, and her career!

  • AnnieJ


    My life is complete. 😀

    Lol 😆

    • karan99one


      Chi Chi chi chi annie thoda toh sharam karo, bachche bhi aise nahi karte aaj kal. :roll: 😉

      • Love

        KoI AsAr NahI HOne WaLA 😆 😆

        • AnnieJ

          True dat! 😆

  • GabbarSingh

    AnnieJ, you have to remember that MODs don’t have the right to compete with lesser mortals like us, hehehehehe.

    Anyway, congratulations girl, you did it, finally. I was just watching the SRGMP website (the link that Admin of DID sent us in an email) and it was simply unbelievable.

    This show is so much superior than Indian Idol. Me and DIDrocks have discussed this before. This is going to be an exciting season on Zee, no questions about that.

    Hey AnnieJ, you take care and be safe. God bless ya!!!

    • Love

      I used to watch SaReGaMaPa in late 1990s when Sonu Nigam was host and they used to select the contestants from their prerecorded audio cassettes. After 2001, Now I am watching again. I really liked the Mumbai Audition.
      I loved Nazim Ali (also the song he selected) and Mugdha (What a soothing voice this soul has) 😀

      On my Mom’s insist, I just saw Indian Idol final episode yesterday, It was OK…I am like really..these r the 3 finalists??? (may be i did not watch from the beginning) I liked SreeRam far far better than other 2. The 3 judges are not able to do enough Justice in commenting (Anu Malik, Sunidhi Chauhan and I dont know the third gentleman)
      I completely agree that SaReGaMaPa is far far superior 😀

      • Anushree

        the third one is Salim Merchant. he is the best out of all 3.

    • AnnieJ

      MOD IS GOD!!! >:]]

      Lol. Lesser mortals… cute! I’m too lazy to watch SaReGaMaPa. Or television in general….

  • karan99one

    Hey guys ;



    To Farah khan;
    Some Independence day resolutions for you;

    1)Reducing your weight by 10 kgs atleast.Please do take tips from gabbar singh.

    2)make sure TEES MAR KHAN is a hit. Bring some nice scripts yaar, I was not so impressed with Mai hoo Na, and Om Shanti Om.

    3)marry Jeetumoni immediately.HEHEhehehehe.

    • Anushree

      i know this is a VERY late reply. i have been busy since school started. Karan, i totally agree. hum sab milke Bharat kaa nam roshan karenge. Hamara desh hai yaar. humare ander is desh ki mitti hai. Jai Hind.

  • Love


    Thank You for providing the link for SaReGaMaPa Videos 😀

  • mita

    Did any one watch prince and dharmesh dance in comedy ka daily soap on sony. I want to see Terrance in khatsron key khiladi. Nice contestants in sa re ga ma pa

  • thmmer


    I am new here. Whats all the fuss about this Dharmesh, Terence and Shakti? Are these chaps from some show?

    Pardom my ignorance but I just don’t seem to understand what all the fuss is about.

  • Rocky

    Admin please bring back the chat room and make this forum alive 😆 👿 :confused: ➡ ➡ ➡

    • Anushree

      please bring back the chat room! please :( 😐

  • Anushree

    Terence is coming 2 bay area!!!! what can be better???? he could be coming right here, just next to where i live!! it cant get any better than that. xept i cant go see him anyway. but he is still coming!!! some1 share my xitment!
    hey gabbar bhaiya, gagan, and Karan. havent heard from u guys in a LONG time…………

  • GabbarSingh

    Anu behan:

    You continue to surprise me whenever you get excited by the name Terence. He is just another human being, Anu and please remember what me and Thmmer told you about him. LOLLLL.

    yes this chat room needs to come up so that we all can talk to each other again. I really miss all our DID peeps. :).

    Anu, take care and God bless!

    • Anushree

      of course i do gabbar bhaiya. and i know he is just another person……….but i cant help being xited……….and what u and thmmer said about him IS NOT TRUE. pls bring back the room……….
      thnx bhaiya
      u take care 2
      sorry for no rakhi 😉
      God Bless u 2! (of course he will…u r such a gr8 bhaiya!)

  • Beauty1996

    Whuz up Annie, gabbar singh, karan, rocky, thmmer, and love, brkdancekid!!!! You guys still remmeba me!!???

    BTW: I love Chicken Biryani!!!! 😀

    • Love

      OH! Beauty1996 Dear:

      Very glad to hear from you after such long time 😀
      How r u doing? I am fine, life is good.
      How is your study?
      Hoping to talk to u soon.. :mrgreen:
      Take care and Love,
      LOVE 😀

  • Beauty1996

    Oh fudge doodle!! i forgot some pplz and whuz up Sul, Riya, DIDrocks, Yummy, Gabbar, Anu, Jinbaba, brethless, and admin!!! :mrgreen:

    peace out!! awaiting next season!!

    • me.yummy

      Whoop Whoop!!
      Beauty is here… 😆
      How are you, Beauty? Hope everything is good at your end.

      Peace!! 😆

    • Anushree

      Hey beauty! How r u? I’m gr8! I miss u and everyone else a lot! It’s been so lonely without u guys! Write back soon ppl.

    • rpatel91

      of course we still remember u :p lol hope ur well :).. im looking forward to next season too!

  • Anushree

    Happy early Navratri everyone! Hope everyone is having a good time and will enjoy Naratri to the fullest! :)

    • rpatel91

      A very happy early Navratri to you too Anuu! and everyone else too if u guys celebrate it.. im not sure :$
      hope ur well :)

  • GabbarSingh

    My dear friends :

    I wanted to share this news from my side for sometime and all my attempts to get the email IDs were in vain.

    Hence, Yummy recommended that I post this in the DID site. So here we go.

    People, I am engaged and yes, engaged to my long time girlfriend. if I was telling all of you that Life was good earlier, Life is way more better now that we have achieved a major milestone in our lives.

    I sincerely hope all of you are doing very well. My best wishes to all of you and God bless!!

    Bye now.!!!!

    • rpatel91

      awww CONGRATSS Gabbaar!! thats great news! 😀 and congratulations to Kelly too!.. hope ur well :)

      • GabbarSingh

        Thanks Riya. Its like my one foot is firm on the ground and the other is hanging in thin air. LOL.

        You can email me. Yasmin (Yummy) and Love ji have my email IDs. (If you know theirs, that is LOL).

        Take it easy girl.

        • rpatel91

          lol well u deserve to feel that way 😛 nope, i don’t have their email addys but i guess DID will start soon.. well hopefully…

    • breathless

      Congrats man! I am happy for you. I don’t believe in the concept of marriage/engagement so i can’t really relate to your sentiments. But it is good to hear that your life is going as planned. Since your are committed now remember to love her more than last day everyday. Peace!

      • me.yummy

        I remember on my very first chat with Gabbar, he said,”I DON’T BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE”.And few weeks later he told me about his girlfriend(and now fiance).His exact words were,

        Breathless, thank you for reminding me of this and making me laugh.I know it was an accident, but thanks, anyway.

        I really wonder if we will read a similar kind of post written by you.

        • breathless

          How are you? I am glad my comments made someone laugh. I think that you and I were there when we had the discussion about “i don’t believe in marriage”.

          • me.yummy

            @Breathless: I don’t remember being a part of that discussion.Actually, I don’t think you and I have ever been in the chatroom at the same time,dear. ❓ ❓

            I am doing well,thanks. 😛 😛 I hope things are good at your end.

        • GabbarSingh

          Yummy, read my response to Breathless, you silly girl LOL

      • GabbarSingh


        Thanks for the wishes. I don’t intend to make this response a long one but I must tell you that even I don’t believe in the concept either, even today. I seriously don’t. But I do believe in her and thats all that matters. Both of us have been having this talk about commitment etc etc off and on and I can say with conviction that even if I hadn’t gone on my knees asking her, she would have stayed with me forever and vice versa.

        Now why I took this huge step, probably thats a discussion for another time and through another medium but there is absolutely no way that we both are even thinking of marriage, right now LOL.

        Both of us are incredibly lucky that we have found each other. I think one of the major factors of a successful relationship is that either of us don’t have to pretend when we are around with each other, ya know what I mean.

        She just makes me feel so complete, as an individual, what else can I say :).

        Thanks a lot :). You take it easy!!!

        • me.yummy

          @Gabbar:I am really confused.. :roll: I feel as if I am intellectually bankrupt. 😐

          Since you guys are not thinking of marriage,I wish you have a…nice..courtship and hope the two of you celebrate the silver jubilee of your courtship!! jk please don’t say, “IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT LONG EITHER, YASMIN”!!!(please don’t respond to this)

          😆 Makes me feel complete?Kitna filmi. Jerry McGuire, isn’t it? 😆

          😆 Did you really go down o your knees? He he..

          • GabbarSingh

            Of course I went down on my knees, nahin to kya. Aise hi haan bolegi kya woh? LOL.

            Well the word ‘complete’ comes out of the feeling that I am experiencing and not by anything else. I am just happy that I don’t have to be what I am not, i just behave as normally and naturally as I usually am. Life is good LOL.

        • rpatel91


          • me.yummy


  • GabbarSingh

    and yes, Beauty, I hope you are doing well in india. My warmest regards and lots of love to you too.

  • rpatel91

    i hope everyone else is well too! 😀

  • me.yummy

    @Gabbar:Congrats!!May you get hitched very soon.And look, people still visit the site.

    @Riya: How are you,Dear? I am doing well.

    Hoping to hear from my other cronies also!!

    • GabbarSingh

      You were right Yummy, as always :). Naah, I don’t think I am going to get ‘formally’ hitched anytime soon. You take care of yourself.

    • rpatel91

      LOOL we doo! 😛

      im good thanks yasmin :) good to know ur doing well too! hope ur dentistry stuff is going well as well 😀

  • brkdancekid

    hi gabbar

    im so very happy for u and bhabhi ji ,
    i hope that both of u live happily ever after

    • GabbarSingh

      Thanks a lot buddy. Actually this wasn’t supposed to happen this early but an event triggered this thought in me and I implemented it. Anyway, life is good.

      I think our other friends DIDrocks and Thmmer seem to have vanished from the face of the earth. If you happen to talk to them, please convey this news.

      Take it easy my friend. Good luck to ya

      • AnnieJ

        Ah, no! I made sure they both received the good news. Hearty congratulations to you both from the three of us! :)

        • GabbarSingh

          Thanks a lot AnnieJ. I sincerely hope you are doing well. Take care

  • brkdancekid

    hi riyu whats up , so whats going on in ur psychology


    hey bk ji whats up with you ,
    my blessings and good wishes for u

    • rpatel91

      hey brky :)
      hope ur well. umm nm, just lectures and stuff lol.. but its interesting :) hows your engineering stuff goin?

  • fifa

    Waka wakaaaaaaaaaaa
    Yo peeple
    I am back hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Gaabar, rpatel90, karn, rocktdrachamp, and my favourite mujahideen lasker toiba me2yummi, hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Fifa coming back 2014 yayyyy

    • me.yummy

      @FIFA FAN : I hope he never comes back.I hope we enter the year 2015 directly.

      @Fifa : I think I know who you are!! Spelling sambhal, yar.

      @Brky : Please let me know who this creep is.(REQUEST)

  • brkdancekid


    u better watch your tongue , if that is ur sense of humour i wud suggest u improve ur taste .

  • fifa

    [INAPPROPRIATE! I do not approve. – AnnieJ]
    your spelling going rong also hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    cool in J&K
    See yuo
    waka wakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • fifa

    Waka wakaaaaaaaa
    o mine lordess unbilevable
    anni holaaaaaaaaaa
    i still litle bit remembr you
    you campaignd for high school president?
    tel me if i am rong
    excited to go to delhi ms big eyes? :))
    all the best for futur

  • Rocky

    Hi Fifa , you sound like Gagan good to see you back , wassup in US… chill dude just chill

  • Rocky


    Hope you guys enjoyed your long break , when this chat room gonna open :( :( .

    • rpatel91

      hey rocky :)
      hope ur good :)

  • breathless

    New season of DID coming, so excited! DID is the only show I watched on television. The next season is going to be a Jodi special, I just hope its still as exciting as the last seasons.

    • AnnieJ

      Have they announced dates? Like show or audition dates? I can’t seem to find anything, otherwise I’d make a new post XP

      • breathless

        I just watched few minutes of saregamapa today and i heard Manish mention DID upcoming season. He said that they will announce the audition dates soon.
        Anyways, how are you?

  • DIDrocks

    Gabby, if you are reading this, I did receive the good news. Sorry I couldn’t come on earlier and wish you. I told Annie to wish u on behalf of me. Congratulations truly! So what’s the wedding gonna be like? Indian? ya phir Mexican? 😉

    • me.yummy

      Hey ya, 😆

      How are you doing?Whose wedding are you talking about,anyway?Lol. :roll:
      Read his comments and you’ll get your answer. 💡
      I hope his comments don’t leave you confused, just like me.

    • DIDrocks

      hey yasmin! i’m great thanks! nice to hear from u! and my bad! i thought he proposed and there was a wedding! oops! lol. well congrats for the engagement gabby!

      • GabbarSingh

        Sister: I am truly happy to read your reply. You seem to have vanished from the face of this planet. where the heck are ya and how the heck are ya doin? lol. Doing well I am sure.

        Dont’ listen to Yasmin. She is one crazy woman.

        Well, coming to the point, Wedding is not even in the horizon as yet. Haven’t given it a thought. Maybe sometime or maybe not, I dunno. as of today, we are just moving on with our lives.

        Sister, let me know when you would be online on yahoo, so that we can chat.

        Thanks again, Sister. You take care and God bless!

  • daris

    ‘Dance India Dance’ returns – this time with couples- News on sify!!

    Zee TV’s ‘Dance India Dance’ is back – but this time with a twist. The fourth season of the popular reality show will be called ‘Dance India Dance Doubles’, where pairs will be competing with each other on the dance floor.

    The upcoming season will be a search for an exceptional ‘dancing jodi’, who will be judged on the basis of their choreography, timing, co-ordination and appeal.

    Auditions will be held in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Baroda, Indore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Lucknow and Bangalore, starting end of October, and will continue all through November.

    International auditions will also take place in Dubai, US and Britain.

    However, there is still speculation whether the popular trio of judges and mentors – Terence Lewis, Remo D’souza and Geeta Kapoor will be back with the season.

    Here is the link for you!!!

    let the good times return!!!

  • daris

    Looks like with the threat of “so you think you can dance-india threat around the corner, DID decides to take them Head on!!”

    Or is it??

    Waddya say guys?? will it be or will it be not?? Frankly if this is true, i am going to miss the solos!!

    Hope some insiders will thorow some light on this!!!

  • Sanjana012

    Good news !!! 29th October starts audition to DID Doubles :)
    First audition is in Indore

  • karan99one

    Hey Guys;

    Nice to see you people after a long time.I have been quite busy with my studies. So literally I find very little to even sleep properly.

    Gabbar Bhai;
    Badhai ho Badhai. Iam so happy to hear about your engagement.Give my regards to kelly bhabhi.I will soon write an e-mail to you.

    I just saw your navratri card which you sent me.Thank you so much dear. Sorry for replying you late on this.I will get back to you very soon.

    Annie my bunny , sruthi, brky, sul, riya, beauty ,breathless, rocky,thmmer. How are you all.aap logon ki bahut yaad aati hai.


    Dear Admin, why is taking so long for the chatroom to get ready. Atleast we all can chat during weekends through chatroom. Please get it ready soon, it has already been months since it gone under maintenance.Anyways it is just a request.

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