DID L’il Masters July 30th *SPOILER*

Okies. So here is the spoiler post for you guys for the upcoming episode on July 30th. You are  welcome to discuss all the spoilers here. Keep in mind that none of these spoilers can leave this post. Any spoilers posted on any other threads will be removed.

**Note: Elimination news is not the only information that is considered a  spoiler. Information on who the highest and the second highest contestants were, or information on who the POTD and SOTW winners were, is also considered a spoiler. So please do not post any of this information anywhere but on this post.

The news this week is:

Ruturaj is eliminated!

Manoj is the highest voted contestant!

Jeetumoni is the second highest contestant!

As we receive more news, we will update you on it! Until then, have fun discussing! :)

July 26th, 2010

Edit by AnnieJ : As you can see, Admin has made a new header reflecting the finalists. However, please continue to confine spoiler discussion to this post alone. When I spot the official press release about the spoiler, I will post it ;)

July 27th, 2010

Edit 2 by AnnieJ: As promised, the official press release!

“It’s believed that one thing that man can’t ever get back is ‘The time that flew off’. Also time passes in such brisk pace that when we try and retrospect our past it seems as if it was just yesterday when Zee TV’s kids dance reality show Dance India Dance L’il Masters had begun it’s hunt for the most talented dancer with 17 contestants and its now down to the top 4.

A little birdie informs us that, “In this Fridays episode it would be Dharmesh Ke Dhinchak Ruturaj who would bid adieu from the show with Jeetumoni from the same team being declared as the second highest vote gainer.”

The show also saw a shift in the contestant getting the highest vote. “This week it was Manoj from Mayuresh Vrushali ke Dhoom Dhadake who received the highest vote”, adds our source.

As far as Saturday’s performances are concerned our Khabroo said, “This week there were no celebrity guests on the show but the participants presented their duet performances with the partakers of previous season. It was Saajan-Atul, Kishore -Manoj, Siddhesh-Ruturaj, Prince-Jeetumoni and Alisha-Vaishnavi who grooved together. They all performed equally well and were declared as the best dancers of the week. Also the guest dancers were given mobile phones as gift.”

The Grand Finale to be held in Pune will be graced by the star cast of the promising movie Aisha.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair.
Author:Pooja Shenoy.”

169 thoughts on “DID L’il Masters July 30th *SPOILER*

  1. Spoiler says:

    Ruturaj going to be eliminated :lol: :lol: i bet :D :D

  2. Spoiler says:

    Prince gonna come this week :lol: :lol: waiting for the jugalbandi b/w prince and jeetu i hope janata love it :lol: :lol:

    1. rennee says:

      here is the list of the performances for next week really looking forward to it :)

      Saajan & Atul

      Kishore & Manoj

      Siddy & Ruturajj

      Prince & jeetumoni

      Alisha & Vaishnavi


  3. Spoiler says:

    LOL @ DIDrocks from where u get this news :lol: :lol: ruturaj will gonna be eliminated thats for sure :!: i don think manoj will be toped any ways lets wait and watch :D :D

  4. breathless says:

    If the spoiler is correct and Manoj is the highest voted contestant I am actually happy for him. I don’t care what anybody says but over the last few weeks he has given outstanding performance. I think out of all the dancer manoj is the contestant who has improved the most during the season.

    I would be happy if Atul, Vaisnavi, Jeetu or even manoj won. But I would be thrilled if Atul won. Also, I am so excited Prince is coming to perform!

    Last but not least, i think didrocks and gabbar have mentioned this also that how happy we were about terrance and remo comments to dharmesh. Most of the dharmesh fans were hating at the remo and terrance for being biased against dharmesh, but the last two episode proves them wrong. Also out of all the skippers Remo picked dharmesh to support that just shows that Remo really cares for dharmesh and thinks he is really talented. Once again i will repeat what i said all last season remo and terrance have no reason to be afraid or jealous of dharmesh. I just hope people from now on will stop comping about the conspiracy against dharmesh, and if you really like him support him this season, instead of complaining.
    Toward the end of last season I had began to think the dharmesh had gotten to cocky and egoistic but this season I have seen him become the old dharmesh that we all saw at the audition performance who was really down to earth. For the first time I will have to agree with geeta and say that dharmesh as a skipper does deserve to win this season.

    1. thmmer says:

      Here here, well said my friend well said indeed.

    2. GabbarSingh says:


      I can only speak for myself Breathless. I am definitely not amongst the haters who felt that way about Remo. My only contention was that Remo knew this guy worships him like God and yet even during good performances, he held himself back in terms of giving his comments. Maybe because he felt that participants of his team weren’t getting enough votes. Whatever the reason(s) might be, I think Remo didn’t reciprocate enough specially towards the end of DID2

      And yes, Remo was quite graceful towards Dharmesh now.

      But I am definitely not one of those haters LOL.

      1. DIDrocks says:

        gabby, maybe remo didnt praise dharmesh last season becuz he indeed thought dharmesh’s performances were not upto the mark? i mean why is it that all dharmesh fans conveniently skip over this fact and automatically assume something is wrong with the master?

        and i didnt mean u, btw, when i talked about the fans accusing remo and terence of being jealous. lol. it wasnt u i was pointing at.

        1. GabbarSingh says:


          I think we should go over each DID2 episode and come to an agreement LOL. There were performances by D which were praised even by Terence but Remo was very mild in his comments. I just wonder how the intensity of the comments could go mild in a short period of time.

          One example I would cite, the Voltz that he and Binny did on ‘Yeh Raatein Yeh Mausam Nadi Ka Kinaara’ and the Ganapati bappa dance that he did. I thought they both were out of the world and so did all judges. Just see Remo’s comments on those :).

          At the end of the day, I think these reality shows are kinda scripted. lets blame the system instead of individuals LOL.

          And Btw, I really like myself when I contradict you, sister LMAO.

          1. DIDrocks says:

            i dont know what u r talking about cuz i believe remo DID praise dharmesh and binny for the performance. just because he wasn’t jumping up and down and giving grand salutes and hugging everyone here and there, doesnt mean he wasnt appreciative. he has his way of giving comments and let him do that.

        2. jack89 says:

          @DIDrocks if u talking about jealous, remember that there is always mithun da there, god of justice.junta knows thats n who got the perfomance of the day .example shakti..

          binny several times did make mistakes but her smile and innocent face have made junta crazy..and muthun da always praise binny for her perfomance for her expressions to say kya bat,,,remember that
          where as in little master sometimes farah goes to choose wat her heart like..the only time she did a great job was last week to give 3 skipper the trophy.
          at some some she just chooses at her heart and gave to one
          example atul who desserved to a gift and did not,may be sandeep hat was enough that day…

    3. jack89 says:

      Terance and remo are not crying geeta. but they are two superman as a person.whatever they said is and was correct to for geeta when crying to say that as a skipper dharmesh should will it. its again a parent relationship to make her happy. but before that dharmesh is a person who they call sir dharmesh. and he did not need any assitance of geeta because he uses to teach kids,and for far hes been good on choregrafer.just like jai.. and mayuresh aslo is getting his form of his style.
      when season 2 started dharmesh was already call sir dharmesh, cause he use to teach remind that.

  5. karan99one says:

    Hi guys;

    Combining the friday’s and saturday’s performances together, I would have voted out(eliminated) either Ruturaj or Manoj.But I loved Ruturaj’s performance slighly more than Manoj’s while combining both the episodes on an overall basis(only for the week).

    I took my liking and the head master’s comments into consideration.

    But I respect janta’s decision.

    Coming to the highest voted contestant, I would have given my vote to either Atul or Vaishnavi or Jeetumoni.
    Because on an overall basis (for th week only)I loved these 3 children’s performances the most.I wanted any of these three to get the highest votes for this week.

    Anyways, I again here duly respect janta’s choice for the highest votes.So I congratulate Manoj for getting the highest votes this week.Finally mayuresh aur Vrushali are coming into the league.

    But guys , ruturaj is much more able performer and he is capable of giving much more better performances than what we have seen of him in this show.

    He was absolutely brilliant in his duet performances.He was very spectacular in his duets.When it came to solo performances , he did give some fantastic ones, but not on the consistency level that Atul,Jeetumoni and Vaishnavi had given on the show.But at the same time even the not so brilliant ones were also not that bad, it was o.k.Not even once the judges had ever remarked that ,his performance was terrible or very bad .He maintained a certain level when he performed on the stage.And on my observation Dharmesh did not fully utilize his potential in his solo performances like he had done with Jeetumoni and Vaishnavi.

    He has all the attributes and qualities to become a phenomenolal dancer.He can be a very good crowd puller in the future.

  6. rpatel91 says:

    how is the spoiler already out? i dont get it.. i thought people could vote up till monday? :| not to say im not happy for manoj.. i am.. he deserved it!.. i guess the elimination is also right.. cant wait for the episodes! the final! n PRINCE! :D

    1. karan99one says:

      Riya Sweetie;
      The voting finishes on sunday at 8.00AM sharp.
      If you watch the videos carefully, manish Paul had mentioned
      this several times.

      1. GabbarSingh says:

        Karan, just make sure that you use the adjectives only in the chat room please :).

      2. rpatel91 says:

        oh :$ sorry

  7. rpatel91 says:

    the others are coming tooo!

    Saajan & Atul
    Kishore & Manoj
    Siddy & Ruturaj
    Prince & Jeetumoni
    Alisha & Vaishnavi

    Im guessin siddy is siddesh?

    1. gagan says:

      My guess:-
      Saajan-Atul: Bboying blast
      Kishore-Manoj: Extra energy + stunts
      Siddesh-Ruturaj: Popping at its best
      Prince-Jeetumoni: Lock + Pop duo
      Alisha-Vaishnavi: Western
      Really high expectations form the upcoming episode

      1. rpatel91 says:

        yup gagan ur probably right but whatever it is.. im luking forward to the episode.. i think its gonna b another great one with the old DID contestants back again :D

  8. Shakii says:

    Jeetumoni is my fav dancer after Ruturaj, I just love ruturaj, he is one of the strongest dancers of the show, and i know since the last few weeks he hasnt been giving a strong performance but I still love him and his dance.

    I find dharmesh could’ve worked more on ruturaj bcs jeetu and vaishu were already in a good position. I also find that ruturaj is a farr better dancer than manoj. Manoj did improove since the beggining of the show but Ruturaj was always great.

    I hope ruturaj doesnt get eliminated i just love him to deathh hes soo cute and he dances brilliantly. Atul and vaishu are also very very strong dancers, I see Atul, Vaishnavi, Jeetumoni and Ruturaj in the finals. DHARMESH IS THE BEST, HE’S THE ONLY SKIPPER WITH 3 KIDS =O =) JEETU VAISHU RUTU DHARMU ALL THE WAYY TO THE FINALS HOPEFULLYY :D <3

  9. lords2020 says:

    spoiler news is 100% corect i knew this 5 hours a go.

    1. mnegi says:

      How you came to know?? It is really a BIG surprise for me… 8O

      1. lords2020 says:

        Ander ki khabar he.

  10. gagan says:

    Hey I just saw DID disc party on an Indian News channel…Almost everyone was present there…the 5 kids, all the mentors, Geeta Kapoor, Sandeep, Jai, Saumya…Also present were Siddesh, Prince, Saajan, etc…Dharmesh, Mayuresh, and few others were popping on the song ‘Amplifier’ which was awesome…I have never seen Mayuresh dance like wild LOL…As usual Jai was dancing in the center of the lot…It was good to see Amrita enjoying herself there too…There were 1-2 hot chicks more whom I failed to recognize LOL :wink:

  11. Shakii says:

    gagan said: Jul 26, 2010 am31 2:55 amDID PARTY in DISC
    Hey I just saw DID disc party on an Indian News channel…Almost everyone was present there…the 5 kids, all the mentors, Geeta Kapoor, Sandeep, Jai, Saumya…Also present were Siddesh, Prince, Saajan, etc…Dharmesh, Mayuresh, and few others were popping on the song ‘Amplifier’ which was awesome…I have never seen Mayuresh dance like wild LOL…As usual Jai was dancing in the center of the lot…It was good to see Amrita enjoying herself there too…There were 1-2 hot chicks more whom I failed to recognize LOL :wink:

    Hello, may I know what is the name of the indian news channel? :p I’m a bigg fann of danceindiadance :D

    1. gagan says:

      Yes you may know :) …Zee News

  12. mnegi says:

    Manoj may go,

  13. mnegi says:

    First time, i am doubting the news of Spoiler……. in any case Manoj can not take even 2nd…..I can bet on this

  14. sandjieta says:

    OMG :!:
    Manoj Highest number of Votes!!!
    How can this happen,when jeetu has proved himself so many weeks now that he’s a great dancer and manoj is doing that 2 0r 3 weeks now…..I dont like this….but its not in my hands…the janta does the voting..maybe I am wrong I dont know…

  15. sandjieta says:

    :) Eager to see fridays episode….It’s gonna be FUN
    Cant wait to see Prince!!! :P

    1. priyam says:

      spoiler must be correct because we can already see pictures of the 4 finalists

  16. thmmer says:

    MANOJ !!!!

    Where are the Dharmesh fan now? :roll:

  17. daris says:

    just my observation!!

    I thought there was something wrong with Dharmesh in the 2 weeks preceeding the last week. He was sad during his interaction with the judges but suddenly things just lit up on his face on 24th july episode.

    The reason I believe:

    Rutu was Boogie Woogie winner and DID was seeing the final four having 3 dharmesh contestants… That along with Rutu going to final was not acceptable to DID admin as they wanted atleast a total of 3 skippers in the final and also a boogie woogie winner out..

    So they should have forced Dharmesh to underperform his candidates in dances.. thus the drop in performance…

    That factor was visible on dharmesh stress i guess where he was being forced to ensure week after week that rutu gets eliminated..

    What do u guys think???

    1. thmmer says:

      I think you may be right. Very good observation.

    2. DIDrocks says:

      i dont think anyone can be that unfair to a contestant, not even Zee. i doubt they purposely made dharmesh give rutu crap choreo just to justify his elimination this week. this makes no sense, cuz if this was the case, then rutu’s parents would have sued Zee for removing rutu from the show unfairly.

      here is what i think:

      i think the public voted this week and rutu merely got the least amount of votes and hence he left. whether the publc voted fairly or not is another topic. all im saying is the fact the “rutu left due to public voting” makes more sense than the fact that “rutu left due to zee’s and dharmesh’s efforts to make him leave.”

    3. breathless says:

      The whole world is out to get dharmesh.
      1) zee makes dharmesh team wear really poor quality shoes so when they perform they might slip and make mistakes(especially ruturaj).
      2) I have heard zee doesn’t gave rituraj any food so he will suffer from low energy and give bad performance.
      3) Dharmesh is given pills that make him depressed, so his fan will think of conspiracy theories to find the the reason behind his depression.
      4) Dharmesh has signed a deal with zee that if none of his contestants win the title he will be on a another zee show(this is similar contract that he signed while he lost to shakti last season).
      5) any other excuses or theories anyone else can think of to satisfy dharmesh fans egos?

      nothing personal daris, but everytime dharmesh contestants gets out or is not the highest voted contestants this forum is flooded with conspiracy that Zee has against dharmesh. I would kind of understand if jay fan came of with these type of ideas because zee never promoted him. But come on seriously, Zee has done so much for dharmesh.Couldn’t the reason behind dharmesh stress be as simple as that he has to prepare 4 to five performances each week while the other skippers only have to prepare for only two performances?

      1. daris says:


        i m nt creating a conspiracy theory here out of thin air dude.. i am just suggesting…

        And believe me i never thot Dharmesh would go on to win the show… cause Geeta ma just could get the best out of him.. Period.. he was and is one of the best but there were still something that lacked and geeta couldnt give him the right coreo and shakti was getting better choreo..

        Lets accept it.. Better the choreo better the performace and better the votes… Period.. Even Hrithik roshan can look unimpressive like in Kites if given bad choreo…

        So hope that part is clear…

        but think abt wht i said… If u look purley on choreo: rutu should hv left some time back, and manoj weeks back.. papiya should have remained.. rest all were just not upto the match with others so its ok for them to leave..

        Do u seriously believe that with all the mistakes Manoj has made to dance to beats etc for weeks together, he deserves to be there??

        Vatsal and papiya have done better and should have stayed back.. but didnt..

        Rutu had to go cause he was just not good enough..

        And dont say that dharmesh was under stress to train 3 people cause in that case he was biased towards Rutu for weeks together…

        1. Spoiler says:

          @breathless, it clearly shows how pessimist you are :lol: :lol: Why not :?: Zee TV manipulating the votes which rutu is getting :?: , might be he is getting highest votes every time who knows ? do you know? the only reason is ruturaj not versatile when compared with jeetu/vaishu or any other contestant so he is getting less votes :arrow: , isme dharmesh ka kia dosh he :| he is doing his best :!: .. thats all :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

          1. breathless says:

            The thing about being a pessimist is I am never disappointment lol. You know me so well just from couple of messages. I never said it was dharmesh fault that ruturaj has been getting less votes or its dharmesh fault that he isn’t versatile. You mentioned that ruturaj maybe getting lots of votes but zee might be manipulating the votes, maybe i am getting all the votes and zee is manipulating them :lol: Where is the proof? Unless you have same pictures, documentations, recorded conversation of zee with its hands in dirt, i will probably trust zee over you. Dude i don’t have anything against dharmesh, but I do get annoyed by his fans who have to make a big puss about everything. Ruturaj is eliminated because he has been the worst performing contestant in the past weeks. If you had read my comments when this season began you would know that ruturaj was favorite contestant besides avneet.

        2. breathless says:

          Sometimes i don’t get you dude/chick, you say that ruturaj is not is the finals because he won another reality show so zee can’t have him in the finals. Then you say that ruturaj deserved to be eliminated becasue his performance have been bad. So why can’t the simple explanation be that lots of the audience have been disappointed with ruturaj performance so they didn’t vote for him and he got out. But why do you have to throw in suggestions that are not relevant by saying ruturaj did not make to the finals becasue zee doesn’t want to promote some other reality shows winner. Ruturaj has been performing bad week in and week out. He has been in the trial zone for three or more weeks. I think the elimination was justified and fair.

          1. DIDrocks says:

            meri muh ki baat cheenli breathless! i agree with everything u said. i am more willing to believe that rutu left cuz the people didnt like him very much and voted for him less, than the fact that zee played some “tricks” and kicked him out.

            and those of you who repeatedly blame zee tv for EVERYTHING that doesn’t go the way u want it to, let me tell u sumthing. zee tv is a huge entertainment enterprise. they cannot go about doing this tomfoolery. i understand that shows do script sumthings (like the comments and the songs to which the contestants dance to) to make it more entertaining. but they cannot go about ignoring all public votes and do as they wish and eliminate whoever they want to. this is fraud and they would be sued for it. public votes are playing a hand in the eliminations, whether you choose to believe it or not!

  18. daris says:

    yes rutu left because of public voting because the quality of his performance was low.. public did vote fairly.. What they saw was what entertained them and wht didnt.. Period… the average guy in a town doesnt want to know the diff between contemporary or hip hop.. All he sees is whether the performance entertained him or not.. and he votes.. Period..

    But @didrocks!!!
    Tell me one thing how in the lords name would either rutu or his parents know of any such arrangment?? Its just an understanding between zee and dharmesh…

    Look at the Sequence.. Suddenly one week rutus performance drops ad that happens for 3-4 weeks continuesly.. and in between an episode in which all contenstants in Dharmesg fiar avg after 2-3 weeks of standing ovation from Judges..

    And the same day dharmesh is having more stress on his face than anyone else…

    Either he knew before hand that he hasnt given his best..

    But both Jeetu and Vaishu get awesome choreo… rutu alwys avg.. I am not saying his choreo was bad but just downgraded to avg…

    1. DIDrocks says:

      oh i see daris….u and all of us are smart enough to figure out how zee and dharmesh are conspiring against rutu, but rutu and rutu’s parents are quite dumb to figure all this out. hmmm. interesting.

  19. kindi says:

    did rocks…it certainly happens in reality shows…in singing shows too the songs are given by the creatives to the contestants and whom they feel should not win are given crap songs to sing…

    same is the case with dance reality shows too..the creatives control everything right from the costumes,songs to the POTD award :)

  20. daris says:

    dharmesh knows well what his contestants strong areas are and keep pushing in that direction.. He didnt let jeetu do the nataraj dance but vaishnavi and viceversa too..

    So how can he be wrong on rutu?? why let him do all the falls etc week after week and make him look clumsy.. he knows well that rutu is an entertainer just like him and give him a shinchak song and he will rock.. but none in 4 weeks… thts too much of a coincidence..

    Either dharmesh isnt as good as we think he is or someone is fooling around with a programe a bit..

    See its all possible.. Not a big deal to pull it off too..

    Makes sense to the producers to go into the final 4 with 3 skippers than just 2.

    Dharmesh and jai had to be there..
    Jeetu has to be taken forward for his popularity.
    Vaishu is only girl left..
    Manoj provides that sentimental rising from the slums story..

    ZEE and DID are in Showbiz brother and they need to make it interesting so anything is possible

  21. jack89 says:

    MANOJ and ATUL are great Dancer, Manoj energy and Atul is physical, both can do great stunt compare to other and they are versatile dancers… pls vote for Atul or the Comeback Manoj. before the show start TERENCE have said that Manoj can be the great winner, TERENCE words has proved that to the pharata. Jai is the king of prop and Mayuresh the junglebook type like ariel.but throughout the whole show ATUL was fantastic and lucky,not like aloo paratha.

  22. gagan says:

    Probable Voting Pattern:
    Many think that Dharmesh has an advantage as he has a lot of fans…Actually, if people are voting on the basis of their favorite mentor rather than their favorite contestant, then Dharmesh is at a big DISADVANTAGE…Suppose there are 15 fans of Dharmesh, and 6 fans of each of the other mentors….As Dharmesh had 3 contestants left, those 15 votes got divided among his 3 contestants evenly (supposingly), resulting in 5 votes for each of his contestant…And the other mentors’ kids got 6 votes each…Resulting in Ruturaj’s elimination
    That’s why it would be better if people vote to their favorite contestant irrespective of the mentor

    1. DIDrocks says:

      maybe the others have 4 fans instead of 6? ever consider that? lol.

      1. gagan says:

        Farah to Didrox: Tu Kya Yaar Didrox, Tu Sab Kuch Sochti Hai :wink:

        1. DIDrocks says:

          lol. aapki shishya jo hoon!

          1. Love says:

            GuruDakshina ka bhi soch ke rakhna..kya malum ye Guru kab mang le :P :lol:

          2. DIDrocks says:

            lol love. kahin guruji mujhse mera zabaan na maangle, jaise dhronacharya ne eklavya se uski ungli maangi thi. lol. whats the use of learning all this hindi without being able to speak it? lol. guru dakshana reasonable ho tho dungi warna kuch bhi nahi milega. lol.

          3. gagan says:

            Thanks but no thanks…I do this service for free…Bhoole-bhatke desi-firangiyon ko seedhe raah par daalna mujh jaise desh-premi ka janam-sidh kartavya hai :)

          4. DIDrocks says:

            u wish! lol.

        2. Spoiler says:

          lol :lol: :lol: gagan

          check this out :-

          Farah to AnnieJ: Tu Kya Yaar Annie, Tu Sab Kuch “EDIT” karti Hai :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

          1. gagan says:

            :D LOL :lol:

          2. AnnieJ says:

            Eh? What did I change?

  23. nd1091 says:

    I just found that in Tamil “ennada” means “what’s up”?
    but I ma not sure if the kids r using that tamil “ennada” bu knowing or unknowingly. But it sounds kool though

  24. karan99one says:

    Dear Friends;

    One thing which I liked in DID Little masters show,,and which was not present in the DID-1 & DID-2 is that there are neutral people judging the performances like Farah Khan and Sandeep.These people apart from being the Head Masters, they are not associated with any particular team,whereas in DID-1 & DID-2, we had mentors of each team judging the performances along with Mithun Da.

    Involving people who are already associated with particular teams to comment on performances , this more often than not doesn’t go unbiased.They try to cover up their participants mistakes and search and dig out mistakes in other participants, in their judgements.

    It is always recommended to have neutral people judging any act or performance.

    The second thing which I liked in DID little masters show, and which was apparently not there in DID-1 & DID-2 is that there are Head masters at the helm judging the performances who are renowned choreographers , with loads of experience and who have made a name for themselves in the field of dance, whereas in DID-1 & DID-2 , you had someone like Mithun Da at the helm who is definitely not a professional in dance.
    HE is used to say this ,SAARE GALTIYON KO NAZAR ANDAZE KARTE HUE , and all that.


    What say guys.

    1. gagan says:

      Karan, I have only one thing to say…”YOU TYPE FREAKING LONG” :evil: :evil: 8O 8O

      1. karan99one says:

        gagan said: Jul 27, 2010 am31 2:34 amKaran, I have only one thing to say…”YOU TYPE FREAKING LONG” :evil: :evil: 8O 8O

        So I get that you didn’t like the length of the comment.
        But what about the content part, are you satisfied with that.I would like to know.

    2. Love says:

      Tum school mein Vakrut Spardha mein kya pehle number pe ate the :lol: :lol: :lol:

  25. karan99one says:

    Dear Annie and Brky;

    Can you let me know , when the chatroom will be active again, any idea when it will re-open.

  26. GabbarSingh says:


    Lets move on beyond this debate. Not worth it. I don’t think I have offended you talking about this. But I still like myself whenever I contradict ya :)

    1. DIDrocks says:

      lol of course not gabby. im not one of those people who take it personally and get offended just because ppl don’t agree with me. lol. im not narrow-minded gabby! lol. im all up for debates! (as a matter of fact, i daresay i enjoy them. hehe!)and i dont mind ending the debate. i got my opinion and u got urs. lol. no biggie!

    2. gagan says:

      A woman has the last word in any argument.
      Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument

      1. GabbarSingh says:


        I think this is one of those rare times when i agree with you. I think you are spot on. Indeed, ultimately, the woman has the final word. I have learnt this agonizing truth after living with a girl under one roof for almost 2 months now.

        And DIDRocks, I appreciate the fact that you like debating. Coz this is the only way I will start liking myself more hehehehe.

        God bless guys! Missing talk to you all. Lets get this chatroom up and running.

        over and out, goodnight and take it easy!

        1. gagan says:

          Gabbar, you got to know about this amazing truth after suffering so much :twisted: …I was lucky to have read about it in a book :wink:

  27. gagan says:

    :evil: Chat Room Maintenance :?:

    1. thmmer says:

      I wonder why? :wink:

  28. mnegi says:

    Hey any one has news about Shakti Mohan…..

    1. GabbarSingh says:

      I think she has vanished into thin air!!!!!

    2. gagan says:

      I guess the ‘contemporary chic’ is busy spinning in Farah Khan’s movie, ‘Tees Maar Khan’ starring Akshay Kumar

    3. mita says:


  29. daris says:


    As i had earlier explained ennada means simply “Wassup”
    Ever seen those scary movie and spoofs.. they keep screamin “wassuuup” almost anywhere and everywhere…. Just the same way!!

    @breathless & DIDrocks,
    I want to re-iterate my stand that RUTU is out becuase public just didnt find his dance good enough!! so i guess its clear to you on how i stand.

    Then as far as zee is concerned then kindly note that all tv series are manupilated one way or the other to keep the audience interest high… Zee may not be manipulating the votes but they certainly can influence the audience voting pattern. As was visible in the second season..

    Remo and Terrance over the top critisism of dharmesh and over the top praise for shakti did play on the audiences phyche eventually and they voted for a contestant who was faring better…

    Why do u think that in the second season they kept on playing requests from everyone to vote for female contenstants more?? why?? it just was that they on a GOOD HEART wanted female candidates who are deserving to come forward to last 4… THIS DOESNT mean that i am saying Shakti won cause of all these but her talent was definetly noticed and appreciated after this.. and the best one won!!

    1. DIDrocks says:

      i understand that shows can influence voting by promoting someone or not promoting someone. but the thing is, that is a very minor thing to go out and ask for ppl to vote for girls or promoting someone by doing extra drama on stage or having face-offs between contestants. that is minor manipulation, at least in my view. but going as far as changing the choreography to make someone look bad, so he can get less votes is doing too much. it is highly unfair to do this to a contestant. its as if they are picking the contestant to eliminate and finding ways to get the audience to do exactly what they want. this is unethical. and i do not think zee would go as far as this to manipulate people. because in this case, the poor contestant will have no chance to show their talent, which goes against the entire purpose of the show. and if anyone notices this, they will be in huge trouble! i dont think they will risk this much!

      1. daris says:

        Ha ha!!!

        U said it!!!

        Now atleast u believe that manipulation is possible and might have happened..

        See now u are talking on a different level altogether..
        Ethical or not is altogether a different discussion…

        See even if Zee does it noone will notice.. I never said the choreography was bad, but when u compare to others it was not top notch… thts it..

        U do one thing for me… Check out rutus Boogie Woogie videos on Utube… Just check how many styles he has done.. a far fitting dance themes enhanced his dance..

        He was good so he won there.. Here not upto the mark so out..

        As my dear friend has pointed out i am not sure that to what level manupilation is going.. but merely suggesting that something somewhere is just not correct..

        1. DIDrocks says:

          what did i say? i never said influencing is not possible. but the extent to which u were talking is not possible without getting in trouble. i still don’t think manipulation to the extent u described is possible. and what do u mean no one will notice? u noticed didnt you? do u honestly think other people are stupid and not wise enough to see it if this was actually happening? i still don’t think zee had anything to do with it. I still think it was average choreo and average dancing which led to less votes from public. i do not suspect any foul play. and if rutu is indeed capable of all that u said, then it leads me to believe that maybe dharmesh didn’t utilize rutu properly. this makes more logical sense and seems more rational to me than ur conspiracy theory. no offense!

    2. breathless says:

      @ daris
      I am glad you finally understand now that zee is not manipulationing the votes. I do agree that to a certain extent they can influence the votes. But last season zee did its very best to promote Dharmesh, they barely promoted shakti. You mentioned zee put the word out to viewers to vote for girls, but there were many girls in the competiotion and the audience picked to vote for shakti due only to her talent. Last season, what did zee not do to promote dharmesh? Emontional ayatuchur, love story, English act, who is dharmesh drama and the list goes on… The true talneted contestant won in season one, and in season two, and i hope true talent wins in season three.

  30. karan99one says:

    Love said: Jul 27, 2010 am31 4:21 am@Karan:
    Tum school mein Vakrut Spardha mein kya pehle number pe ate the :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I didn’t understand the meaning of VAKRUT SPARDHA.
    I checked out in google, but there is no word like that it seems.

    1. thmmer says:

      Essay writing.

    2. Love says:

      Vakrut Spardha is not essay writing :wink:
      It means u speak on a given topic for whatever minutes the competition has decided. It can be from 5 min to 30 min, depends. It is more like a debate competition. Some participants will speak in favor and some will be not in favor. Its very interesting. :mrgreen:

      1. thmmer says:

        Extempore, you mean?

  31. karan99one says:

    gagan said: Jul 27, 2010 am31 2:34 amKaran, I have only one thing to say…”YOU TYPE FREAKING LONG” :evil: :evil: 8O 8O

    So I get that you didn’t like the length of my comment.
    But what about the content part, are you satisfied with that.I would like to know.

    1. gagan says:

      I didn’t even read your 3 points earlier on 8O …All I read was ‘dear friends’ and ”what say guy’ :twisted: …But now after reading your ‘book :idea: ‘, I must say I agree with you on all those 3 points

    2. GabbarSingh says:

      karan, the biggest risk of posting such lengthy blogs is that the actual message might get lost :).

  32. jack89 says:

    MANOJ and ATUL are great Dancer, Manoj energy and Atul is physical, both can do great stunt compare to other and they are versatile dancers…the clash between atul and jeetu was both equal,if jeetu did one of hritik step,he cant be hritik n hritik is not the best in world ,hritik cant do stunt like ATUL, with head, atul has his own syle, so pls do be fooled by some master.. pls vote for Atul or the Comeback Manoj. before the show start TERENCE have said that Manoj can be the great winner, TERENCE words has proved that to the pharata. Jai is the king of prop and Mayuresh the junglebook type like ariel.but throughout the whole show ATUL was fantastic and lucky,not like aloo paratha.From overseas FANS.. Mauritius,UK,south africa ,new zealand ,,so on

  33. GabbarSingh says:

    Guys, I now really wonder why the chat room is down for the 2nd day. hmmm, Is it going to come up, ever? Some food for thought I guess.

    1. rpatel91 says:

      4 more days lol

    2. AnnieJ says:

      Admin pulled it down for the week. Hopefully it doesn’t take longer than that :)

  34. karan99one says:


    I got your considerations guys,next time I will divide my comments into parts and post it.That will be more appreciative I guess.Is that o.k?

    But dear brothers , I have read even other’s comments too above, and I found that they are not much shorter than mine, and some of them are as long as mine,if not more than mine.Ex-:Breathless, Daris etc.

    But I see none of you three say anything on that.

    1. gagan says:

      It’s more beneficial to be surrounded by your enemies who would find faults in you rather than goody-good friends who would just laud your deeds no matter what…That’s why I have more enemies here than friends :wink:

      1. Rocky says:

        Lol karan :mrgreen: :mrgreen: dont try to change yourself bcoz of others , go on man we need some more scintillating essays from you lol :mrgreen: lol am just kidding dude have you been!! :lol: Hope you are rocking hyderabad.!!!

        Jai ho hyderabadis :mrgreen: jaiho Rocky :lol: :lol:

        Rocky -always rocks :lol: :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

        1. karan99one says:

          It is nice to hear that from you Rocky.And yes Hyderabadi Biryani is tasting good.Delhi also rocks.By the way when are you comin here.Waiting for you.

          Looks like the coming week will be a treat to watch with delightful combinations like Jeetu-Prince , Atul-Saajan ,Rutu-Siddhesh , Vaishnavi-Alisha , Manoj-Kishore.

  35. AnnieJ says:

    Karan – don’t worry about the length of your comments. What difference does it make if you write one long one or three short ones if the length ends up being the same?

    As for when the chat room will re-open…. it’s undeclared yet since Admin is working on it in his spare time :)

    1. karan99one says:

      Thanks Annie.

    2. GabbarSingh says:

      Yaar koi Diplomacy seekhna chaahe to Annie se seekhe. Sachi mein, I am not kidding.

    3. gagan says:

      Admin is working on it in his spare time? :!: …I thought this was his top priority :wink:

      1. AnnieJ says:

        Lol Gagan, you’re Admin’s top priority…. ;)

        1. gagan says:

          Really :!: …Now I don’t know whether to be glad or worried :|

          1. AnnieJ says:

            I’m just teasing you :wink:

          2. gagan says:

            Please do not adam-tease :twisted: …It is against the law :x

  36. Rocky says:

    here is sum thin for you friends:-

    KAUN JEETHEGA DID little-masters TROPHY:-





    VOTE KARTHE RAHIYE ..KARTHE RAHIYE choose your best winner :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  37. karan99one says:

    Rocky , anything is possible,anybody from the top 4 can win the show.

    By the way are you voting for anybody,In the little masters season,I have not actually voted for anybody in action.

    1. Rocky says:

      Lol Iam voting for ZEE TV lol not to manipulate the votes this time heeheee :mrgreen: :o :o

  38. Love says:

    Last time when the chat room was off, Annie created temporary chat room somewhere else.. :wink:

    1. GabbarSingh says:

      You are right Love. And I dont’ have the URL for that chat room.

      Edit by DIDrocks: Lets keep the discussion about DID Lil Masters, not any other shows. ok? :)

      1. Rocky says:

        true gabbar but the zoke is swaroop khan in top 4 shame on Indian idol ..huh :twisted: :twisted:

        1. GabbarSingh says:

          Bigger joke is that Bappi Lahiri made him sing for his movie also. LOL.

      2. Love says:

        It was ..something like that with DID after slash… :?:

      3. Love says:

        lol @DIDrocks..
        Itna strict :mrgreen:

        DIDrocks: lol. kya karoon? hona padtha hai! ;)

  39. Love says:

    Oh.. :| I have heard him once..Parda hai parda, parde ke piche…in that song, nice singer :)

    1. GabbarSingh says:

      Youa re right love. i am now beginning to wonder if the public truly voted him out of II 5 or its the show which is manipulating things to suit their ratings. Just a thought.

      edit : No external links please. wait for the chatroom to come back.

  40. jack89 says:

    MANOJ and ATUL are great Dancer, Manoj energy and Atul is physical, both can do great stunt compare to other and they are versatile dancers…the clash between atul and jeetu was both equal,if jeetu did one of hritik step,he cant be hritik n hritik is not the best in world ,hritik cant do stunt like ATUL, with head, atul has his own syle, so pls do be fooled by some master.. pls vote for Atul or the Comeback Manoj. before the show start TERENCE have said that Manoj can be the great winner, TERENCE words has proved that to the pharata. Jai is the king of prop and Mayuresh the junglebook type like ariel.but throughout the whole show ATUL was fantastic and lucky,not like aloo paratha.From overseas FANS..

    1. Love says:

      Yes sir, this comment i am reading for third rime :P

    2. gagan says:

      Jack89, 2 things are compared on the basis of a common attribute…I thought Farah gave a very apt reason for choosing Jeetu over Atul :idea: …Because the only dance move that was common was the back wave…While in the rest of the face off, Atul was bboying, and Jeetu was popping…You cannot compare two different things 8O

      1. nd1091 says:

        I think jeetu also tried to do stunts and bboy but he was struggling and his facial was showing he could not do that. The judges did not judge Jeetu for his stunts, they just took one good point of Jeetu. U can c the video again while Jeetu almost crying in baby freeze position

      2. jack89 says:

        you are right, look that u understand ,,u cant compare to different thing as u said,,,but they both dance diferent and if grand master mithun da were there he would never say that one was better than other.its only one your could be defferent as mine.mithun da did that before he like justice so far he did in season 1 praises all 3 contestant to give them step does not make it different whether he knows one hritik step.

    3. kindi says:

      Jack…i think u have lost ur mind…why are u writing the same thing again and again??

      We get it and the judges too have said…JEETUMONI is the best and i wish he wins..

      Atul has no personality,is bad in expressions,looks tired and sleepy while performing..if atul deserves to win then saajan should have won in season 2 of DID :lol:

      1. jack89 says:

        @kindi..atul have done great perfomance,not sajan ,you cant compare them …geeta often said sajan you lack concentration, not atul , which have done great stunt..and can tell me in futur that dharmesh was beter in season 2…but unfortunately shakti was far better than thim

      2. jack89 says:

        @kindi..atul the greatest stunt boy so far, dangerous act just like manoj sometimes,,,you have lost memory if u tell atul sleepy,,no expressions…kids does not have that expressions on them,,,but ruturaj have got only one person so far because on his govinda type and dance emotional type that we have seen so far..

  41. jack89 says:

    ATUL the king of prop,as his captain jai.Manoj the ariel act master,as his captain Mayuresh.




  42. jack89 says:

    ATUL the king of prop,as his captain jai.Manoj the ariel act master,as his captain Mayuresh.



    1. gagan says:

      It is sad to see that diplomacy is liked by one and all whereas people who speak their heart out have to face criticism :evil:

      1. breathless says:

        Thats the fact of life buddy, faster you understand it the better.

        But its been clear throughout the season the farah has a soft soft for dharmesh and amrita. She is usually more harsh to other skippers. She made vrushali and manoj cry for bad choreography, but amrita choreography in the solo rounds has been bad all season. I will just igonore her baised toward dharmesh and his contestants this season only because i think he is the best skipper this season.

        1. breathless says:

          * she has a soft corner for dharmesh and amrita(not soft soft) lol.

        2. gagan says:

          Breathless, I agree with you :P but this is a DANCE COMPETITION, someone has to win 8) , the other has to lose :twisted: …How can you judge a competition if you are diplomatic :!: ?…You just have to differentiate between the weaker and the stronger…No other choice

  43. karan99one says:

    breathless said: Jul 28, 2010 am31 2:24 am* she has a soft corner for dharmesh and amrita(not soft soft) lol.

    How can you be so sure breathless?Did Farah come and tell you this personally that she has a soft corner for dharmesh and amrita.

    When some choreogrophies of dharmesh was O.k(Average),She did point that out many times,if you rewind the little masters show,you can get to see it yourself.she even said once told dharmesh that his kids performed better than his choreogrophy in one particular episode.But overall, mostly he gave superb choreogrophies.

    Even Amrita,she had pointed ,out things regarding her choreogrophy many times.She even once said specifically that her solos are not as good as her duets.

    she has been bluntly very honest and straight in her comments,she did not spare anybody(skipper) in the show.

    1. gagan says:

      Karan, everything you said above is right except the 2nd line of your 1st paragraph…rofl tu toh gaya karan :twisted:

    2. breathless says:

      Actually farah didn’t tell me this personally but she sent her beautiful secretary :wink:

      I never said that farah never gives bad comments to dharmesh and amrita i just said she is nicer to them when giving comments compared to the other skippers. Mayuresh and vrushali have given bad choreography but on average their dances are always better than amrita. Whenever she commented on amrita bad choreography she always just told her to work harder she never made her cry. When you look at the rudeness of her comments on average there skewed toward other skippers besides dharmesh and amrita. If you provide me with specific examples that she is fair, i will do the same to prove my point. when ruturaj and atul performed, it was pretty clear that atul was better than ruturaj, and even sandeep agreed. But she said she see rurtraj in the final two. Again when jeetu and atul performed she said jeetu was better than atul. One that one i will give her the benefit of the doubt because mostly everyone said they were about the same. But the point is she has been promoting geeta ka gang skippers more than the other skippers. Again that is just my view, everyone has their own perceptive of how they see a situation. Also when atul did the ariel act, she didnt give him the best performance because she thought it was too dangerous, and she gave it to vaishnavi that was totally unfair. I think that both of them should have got the award.

      Anyways, how are you? Haven’t talked you for a long time?

      1. priyam says:

        You are right. When D did poor choreo for Rutu, Farah said that she can understand because he has 3 kids to take care of. But she was so rude to V/M that Vrushali cried.

        1. priyam says:

          special things done by Jutu was immediately seen whereas those done by Atul were not even mentioned. I think that Atul did match up with Jitu- Yeah, I agree that the back thing was done better by Jitu, But Jitu could not match up with Atul as well at certain points. For me both were excellent in their forte .

  44. Admin says:

    thmmer said:
    Jul 27, 2010 pm31 1:35 pm
    I wonder why? :wink:

    Because of the monkey business :wink:

    gagan said:
    Jul 28, 2010 am31 3:18 am
    Admin is working on it in his spare time? :!: …I thought this was his top priority :wink:

    Zee TV hasn’t sent me Paycheck for this month so far and you have not donated so I’m working on that first :)

    1. gagan says:

      Whenever I am alone in the Chat Room, all I do is keep clicking on the advertisements on the page…If that helps :!:

      1. mita says:


    2. breathless says:

      When I start making real cash, I will donate a ton(literary).

  45. mnegi says:

    I still feel that Manoj may go.

  46. daffy says:

    This Time Jeetumoni is going to win…as ZEE is aiming for some one to win from ASSAM….so there is no need to fight for any other contestant why he is in the final 4 or not…that doesnt matter anymore…Have fun guys…like this site a lot…thank you moderators…and ANNIE… :)

    1. mita says:


    2. AnnieJ says:

      Thanks Daffy! :mrgreen:

  47. AnnieJ says:

    Gabbar – I’m flattered that you find me to be diplomatic! I’m humbled by your compliment – thank you! -bows-

    For people who want a temporary chat room –

    I will keep my eyes peeled for something better, since I am not particularly partial to tinychat, but it does get the job done when our chat room is down… lol.

    Oh, and regarding Admin working on the chat room in his spare time… DURR people he has a job (not to mention a family) just like a good deal of you do! :P We definitely run this site off of the advertisements (and out of Admin’s own pocket when we’re in the hole, sadly…). I’m not sure we get any amount in donations worth mentioning… lol. So yes people – if you have a bit of extra money and you appreciate this site, do take a few minutes to make a donation – it really helps! :D

  48. brkdancekid says:


    all the kids are good but my favorite is atul his dance on

    saw dard hai when salman came .

    hey guys im a bit out of action right now hope to get back soon

    take carepeace

    1. Rocky says:

      Hey dude how are you? Long time no see :roll: :roll:
      good to see you back in action again :mrgreen:

  49. GabbarSingh says:



  50. karan99one says:

    Hey guys,
    Can anyone tell me which directory in tiny chat are you people chatting there.

    1. gagan says:

      Yellow pages :mrgreen:

    2. GabbarSingh says:

      karan silly,

      just type and enter that room man

      this is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, jeez

  51. jack89 says:












  52. Spoiler says:

    I didn’t understand why the peeps are fighting ,Jeezzzzzz It was already decided that LilMasters crown is going to D ki dinchaks Lool peace ..peace

  53. Spoiler says:

    so suspence has been revealed , so lets have peace guys lol enjoy the show , whats left???? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    1. jack89 says:


      1. Spoiler says:

        Grow up lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol:

      2. Spoiler says:

        there is no room for janatha to decide their own winner if they do so they are foolin them selves lol its all ZEE’s tactics to improve TRP’s ultimately to improve their businesss .. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol:

        1. DIDrocks says:

          oh i see. if vaishu/jeetu wins, then its cuz zee made them win, not becuz of their talent or dharmesh’s choreography. so all this time, we thinking that jeetu is a great dancer and dharmesh is a great choreographer is all wrong i guess. the only reason jeetu is at the top is cuz zee put him there. hmmm…talk about not giving credit! :wink:

          1. Spoiler says:

            DIDrocks said: Jul 30, 2010 am31 12:19 amoh i see. if vaishu/jeetu wins, then its cuz zee made them win, not becuz of their talent or dharmesh’s choreography. so all this time, we thinking that jeetu is a great dancer and dharmesh is a great choreographer is all wrong i guess. the only reason jeetu is at the top is cuz zee put him there. hmmm…talk about not giving credit! :wink:

            Dharmesh is already a winner in DID2 that you know and the whole world knows , you are asking me a silly ques don you think jeetu is a good dancer? why guess?

          2. breathless says:

            @ spoiler
            Do you even know what Television Rating Points’s(TRP’s) are? You and few other people keeping bringing up the point that Zee is going to make someone else win for TRP’s instead making the person who got the most votes. If frankly you knew how TRP’s are measured and their impact on the channel and their overall contribution to the income statement and balance sheet you would know that it would be to Zee to advantage to declare the person whose getting the most votes the winner. The argument that you have is baseless, and their is no rationality to it.

            @ DiDrocks
            how are you? DiDrocks we can try to convince people all we want but nothing is going to change, these arguments are getting worse then the chicken and ego problem. Lol. But I just do it for the sake of debating.

          3. DIDrocks says:

            i guess my sarcasm went to waste. lol. anyway i never said jeetu is not a good dancer. i was just saying that by u saying everything is done by zee gives no credit whatsoever to the contestants or the choreographers, which is wrong.

            and last i checked, dharmesh did not win DID2. so what u r talking about is beyond my understanding. :wink:

          4. DIDrocks says:

            lol breathless. i guess u r right. but i also do it for arguments sake. but what annoys me is people blame zee when things dont go their way and they give credit to their favs, when their favs are in the spotlight. i mean if u wanna say zee is scripted, then hold this opinion throughout. jeez! not when its convenient for u!

            and well said about the TRPs.
            im great btw. how r u?

          5. gagan says:

            Where did your moderator tag go :?: 8O :? :confused: :evil: :o :roll: :x :|

          6. thmmer says:

            It’s all ZEE TV’s game plan.

  54. DIDrocks says:

    my moderator tag is right here gagan. dont u worry! :P

    1. gagan says:

      Teacher’s concern :P

      1. DIDrocks says:

        im sure it was! :wink:

  55. rubinadear says:

    where are the videos admin.. getting crazy here waiting for it…

    dont get me wrong.. i appreciate the efforts put here…

    anyone dance crazy like me wud know how it feels waiting for the video to be uploaded..

  56. mnegi says:

    I liked to get Video of Jeetumoni’s Song……. IT was WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwww

  57. Umesh Prasad says:


  58. karam99 says:

    this tym u choos shweta as anchor but u will must be sign soumya she best anchor or iss bar shweta ki jai ke sath awaaz hi nahin atti or jai ko kachua dance karvaoge i want see it
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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