“Bollywood dance is weird,” says Sandip Soparrkar

“Bollywood dance is weird,” says Sandip Soparrkar

An article about Sandip! Enjoy!

“Internationally-renowned choreographer Sandip Soparrkar, who has done choreography for films like “Zubeida”, “Kyun Ho Gaya Na”, “Holiday” and most recently “Kites”, says he finds Bollywood dance weird.

“I feel Bollywood dance is weird. It is a mix of all dance forms where you probably don’t know what you are doing. Once you do a salsa step and then you do a B-boying – it is hard to understand what an individual wants to show,” Soparrkar told IANS.

He is currently in the judges’ panel of Zee TV’s children’s dance reality show “Dance India Dance Li’l Masters” along with choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan.

Soparrkar has worked with international singers like Madonna, Britney Spears and Shakira. He has even choreographed for Hollywood director Rob Marshall’s film “Nine” with Penelope Cruz, Daniel-Day Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Judi Dench and Sophia Loren.

“Madonna is really energetic. I am amazed to see the energy with which she performs on stage at the age of 51. Britney Spears is extremely professional and Shakira is very dedicated,” he said.

The choreographer feels that Hollywood celebrities are more professional than Bollywood stars.

“Hollywood actors are very professional. The amount of time these celebrities spend on rehearsals is much more than that spent by Bollywood stars. Sometimes Bollywood stars just come and do their steps and perform,” he said.

“This is because of the time-restriction they face. Our actors are working on several films at a time which leaves them with no time to invest in rehearsals,” he added.

Soparrkar said he was eagerly waiting for the release of Rakesh Roshan’s “Kites” which stars Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut. He has choreographed two songs for the film.

“Working with Hrithik was very simple. He is a superb dancer and I really enjoyed working with him. But Kangana turned out to be a complete surprise. We have always seen her doing serious roles but nobody knows she is a very good dancer. She has really amazed me,” he added.

Soparrkar will also choreograph for the Priyanka Chopra-starrer “Saat Khoon Maaf”.”

As an American, I have to say he’s probably right – Hollywood is hardly as active as Bollywood is, so Hollywood actors, comparatively, have more time to commit to their projects. I’m amused that he thinks Bollywood dance is strange – I guess India is just extra unique in its culture, eh? :wink:

48 thoughts on ““Bollywood dance is weird,” says Sandip Soparrkar

  1. brkdancekid says:

    wah annie gave 5 rating urself
    dontworry 5 from me too lolz

  2. AnnieJ says:

    What? No, I don’t rate posts ever! Lol.

  3. brkdancekid says:

    and thanks for the dance video of that guy who did majic moves really enjoyed them thanks .

  4. Tazhin_khan says:

    wat says about hollywood actors is correct………………

  5. brkdancekid says:

    and iam ready for the top secret mission shhhhhhhh

  6. AnnieJ says:


    Lol, you’re welcome, I thought you’d like it.

    You better be ready for that top secret mission! Hahaha :P

  7. thmmer says:

    It’s just not bollywood. If you watch shows like ‘So you think you can dance’, you will see even the dancing talent in India is below par compared to states.

  8. mukesh18119 says:

    I want to know about Dharmesh Sir i.e. what’s he doing right now. :P

  9. DIDrocks says:


    agreed! speaking SYTYCD, it is starting soon again. lol.

  10. A_A says:

    lol bollywood films are filled with overacting and dance.. and still our dancers are not very competitive at the international level.. because dance as a talent and an art form is not encouraged in india(except classical)

  11. AnnieJ says:


    Dharmesh is dancing with kids right now! He’s a Little Masters judge, remember?

  12. kindi says:

    If sandip loathes everything indian right from indian actors to bollywood then why is he judging an indian dance show..according to him madonna and britney spears are d greatest of dancers :roll: :evil: :oops:

    Sandip go back..

  13. AnnieJ says:


    Well that’s the wrong way to take it! He doesn’t loathe anything, he’s just making a comparison. It’s not that Madonna or Britney are the “greatest” dancers, just that they are good ones. If stage personalities do dances here in the US, it has to be good, otherwise they make fools of themselves. That’s why American celebrities have to work harder with what they do, especially since they don’t tackle as many projects at once. Western cultures have a really “perfectionist” desire, whereas the East is just more laid back. It’s just a cultural difference.

    And Sandip is such a sweetheart with the kids! He loves them and he’s so sweet! He’s a great match for the show.

  14. kkoble says:

    I don’t like this new Sandeep guy… he has no good comments and I don’t care if he has taught Madonna or wutever; And I don’t think Farah is gonna be any better. Terrence, Remo, and Geeta have to come back for DID Little Masters

  15. AnnieJ says:


    That’s hardly a fair assessment! Zee has edited most of the commentary out of the show so far except for some “star” kids, and then it’s humorous and nobody really gives any commentary!

    I’d wait till we get to the top 16 to pass any judgment on Sandip’s technical expertise :wink:

  16. kkoble says:

    fine we’ll judge him then AnnieJ

    but did u see the way he reacted to that girl that was giving him like a million flowers, personally, his reaction was kinda ammaturish; i garauntee if Remo or Terrence were in his place, they would have been a lot more professional about it

  17. kkoble says:

    And I totally agree with kindi

    If sandeep doesn’t like anything bout bollywood why the hell is he here????!!!!

    He should go back to Madonna

  18. AnnieJ says:


    IMHO, it’s perfectly human to become embarrassed when one receives so much attention and so many compliments. What would you have wanted him to do that’s more professional??

    Also, he didn’t say that he disliked Bollywood dance or culture, just that it’s weird as a dance because it’s not a distinct art (mix of everything) and that the actors have less time to practice a dance because they’re so busy. What’s wrong with giving commentary? Since when has giving constructive criticism ever been a bad deed for which you are banishing him from India altogether??

    :| :| :|

  19. A_A says:

    you know what is worse than failing.. inability to admit that you have failed.. its the same with us.. whenever someone says even a bit about how something in another country is better than in India, we start talking bs about the guy.. he’s right.. we need to assess ourselves.. this is why we are unable to grow up.. we need to look at what’s wrong and find ways to correct it.. not start condoning anyone who points it out.. no one is perfect, but it doesn’t mean you dont even have to try

  20. kkoble says:

    he wasnt just embarrased, he couldnt say anything smart back to the girl

    I’m not trying to say bs about him, but the way he said that bollwyood actors probably don’t know what they are doing doesnt look like he’s trying to make things better; he’s actaully contradicting himself by saying he doesn’t like bollywood dancing and then teaching Hritik bollywood dancing

  21. A_A says:

    how is he contradicting himself.. he said its WEIRD…but he’s a choreographer and he’ll use the opportunities available to him.. and we all know hrithik is an excellent dancer…
    and its true.. bollywood actors dont know what they’re doing.. there’s hardly 1-2 good films in a year.. actors do like 3-4 films at a time.. thats not professional.. hollywood actors do like 1-2 films in a year and they spend months preparing for roles(not just by sprouting abs).. bollywood heroes should learn from them.. indian public deserves better quality of entertainment

  22. kkoble says:

    yea its funny because hollywood actors spend months preparing and then their movies end up being flops, wouldn’t u rather spend less time and try to get three or four movies out and have a better chance of having a hit rather than spending a lot of time on like one movie and then finding out it wasn’t even a hit?? :lol:

  23. kkoble says:

    and ur taking as if every movie a hollywood actor makes becomes a huge sensational movie, hollywood actors have just as many flops as bollywood actors

  24. DIDrocks says:


    its not about films being hit or flops. sandip was talking about work ethics. im not saying every actor or actress in bollywood doesnt have work ethics. no. but all i am saying is that some bollywood stars truly fall flat on their faces when it comes professionalism. when a shoot is scheduled at 9, they dont show up till 2. now that is not acceptable no matter how big of a star u are. this is more common in bollywood that it is or ever will be in hollywood. in hollywood, even if they dont make 10 movies a year, they at least “try” to make it successful. they come on time and as sandip said, they “try” their best. in bollywood, only a handful actually “try” to make it successful, such as hrithik roshan. i admire his dedication to his work cuz he truly cares how realistic he looks in a movie and how to justify a role. whereas the other half of the industry still does dard-e-disco and the jalwa dance when they are at least 50. how this is believable and how people are buying it is beyond me.
    so it all boils down to professionalism, which i personally think hollywood stars have more of than any.

    now this doesnt mean i hate bollywood. not a chance. i love bolly films. the industry has some talented directors, musicians, and choreographers. but what i despise about bolly is the actors (well majority of them.) i admire the work the crews of bolly films do. but i hate the stars’ work ethics (again..not all but definitely a lot of them.)

  25. kkoble says:

    so ur saying madonna is allowed to be sexy and show skin in her music videos but sharukhan isn’t?

  26. thmmer says:

    Now that’s what you call skinning a cat by it’s hair

  27. kindi says:

    who is sandip to label bollywood actors nonprofessional..isnt hrithik and kangana from bollywood..

    i totally dislike madonna and britney’s music videos and i find them super wierd..

    many hollywood actors may find indian dances wierd but they dont go ahead and label them as wierd..

    so now every indian should start learning latin and ballroom dances in schools to make them professional in life :lol:

  28. AnnieJ says:


    “so ur saying madonna is allowed to be sexy and show skin in her music videos but sharukhan isn’t?”

    Whuh? From whence did you procure such a preposterous idea? Of course Hollywood and Bollywood can have their sexy personalities!


    There is a distinct difference between being “unprofessional” and “less professional.” Hollywood is more professional for sure… it’s not wrong for Sandip to say it. It’s more like a tacit understanding for many people.

    As for liking music videos…why are you singling out Madonna and Britney? If you want to see some strange videos, go watch some Lady Gaga videos, lol.

    I believe you are misunderstanding the way Sandip meant weird. You might better read it as, “Bollywood dance is unique in that it is not characterized by one style, but instead draws on other dance forms and blends various techniques together. Compared to other dance forms, this is highly unusual.”

    Anyway, why is anyone getting defensive? It’s not like he said something bad…. :?

  29. DIDrocks says:

    lol annie. i know. seriously!

  30. kindi says:

    annie..why should i read something which is not written :lol:

    i definitely find sandip wierd..he looks like dracula without fangs..

  31. AnnieJ says:


    My implication was for you to look at it differently. I am of the opinion that you are getting a misreading of the text, so I re-wrote it differently to convey what I believe is the same point more clearly.

  32. A_A says:

    lol having 1 flop in a year is better than 5-6 flops.. bollywood movies lack on creativity, acting.. actors overact so much and most bollywood movies are based on the same old storylines.
    and anyways sandip said WEIRD not BAD.. they mean different things

  33. kindi says:

    @A_A..what more creativity do you need??

    do you want them run nude on screen :evil:

    if givig expressions onscreen is overacting then hollywood actors doesnt act at all.. :lol: they just come on screen..stay their dialogues and go..

    can you name some actors in bollywood who give 5-6 flops a year??

  34. priyam says:

    I really like Sandeep. He is so nice with kids and he is such an elegant dancer. He makes India proud. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  35. aninditapaul says:

    Why is evey body after arguing Hollywood and bollywood??LOL

  36. A_A says:

    lol creativity is with direction.. and nudity is not creativity.. see hollywood movies more often, you will understand what i mean by creativity.. i have almost stopped watching bollywood movies because of their boring storylines and plot developments..
    if you see hollywood movies more regularly, you will understand the difference between acting and overacting.. the reason why bollywood heroes overact is because of their lack of not saying all hollywood stars are great, but if you see many, they spend loads of time preparing for roles.. heath ledger locked himself in a room for weeks, spent sleepless nights to prepare for the role of the joker, to get into the character .. this is where bollywood needs to improve

  37. mnegi says:

    Where is Dharmesh

  38. kkoble says:

    @ A_A

    Hello!? Did you see how much Aamir Khan trained before his movie Ghajini? He almost tranformed himself just for one movie. I don’t know about you, but that’s alot more than any hollywood actor has every done to prepare for one movie

  39. kkoble says:

    First of all, if we are talking about the creativity in dance, bollywood is a thousand times better in dance than hollwood. Every bollywood movie garauntees dance unlike Hollywood where you only see dance in musicals or movies based on dance

  40. AnnieJ says:


    Aamir Khan is an anomaly. He’s not very Bollywood – super picky and a great actor. You’re using a “man who” argument… he’s an exception, not the rule.

    As for dances – Hollywood doesn’t have dance in their movies – it’s just not their style. They do have AMAZING soundtracks though. You can’t compare a dancer to a non-dancer and say, “this dancer is a thousand times better!” They’re not trying to dance, so it’s a dumb argument.

    For the record, when there is dancing in Hollywood/the US….they just nail it. It’s mind blowing.

  41. kkoble says:

    ok i think this is going a little to far, especially because im arguing with the “Moderator”

    how bout we end this discussion by saying Hollywood and Bollywood both have their strengths and weaknesses and this also includes the actors and actresses

  42. kkoble says:

    btw, i did agree with some of AnnieJ’s comments as well as DIDrock’s comments and A_A’s comments

    but im glad i had at least one person that was having some of the same feelings about Sandeep as me (Kindi)

  43. AnnieJ says:


    Nah, we’re just having a healthy debate. Don’t worry about debating with me – it’s not like I would ban you or something, lol. I’m not here to abuse power :wink:

    Now that’s what I call a chumeshwari way to reach an agreement! lol :D

  44. kkoble says:

    lol that’s right luv you terrence sir… like crazy :!:

  45. A_A says:

    umm aamir khan just got abs :P what im talking is preparing for roles..not in terms of wait loss or body conditioning.. if you wanna see those things just google a bit and u’ll find hollywood actors losing 30kilos for roles of psychopaths etc… im talking about preparing mentally for the roles.. giving apt expressions.. i could feel aamir lost control over the character a lot of times in ghajni.. however kudos to him for trying.. none other in bollywood do :P.. they walk in for shots without rehearsals .. /end of debate :P

  46. kkoble says:

    @ A_A

    I’ll say the same thing to you that I said to annieJ
    Hollywood and Bollywood both have their flaws and strengths… if this continued, we could go all year with this discussion

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