DID Super Moms Winner is Mithu

DID Super Moms Winner is Mithu

DID Super Moms Season 1 Winner is Mithu

1st Runner up is Cecille

2nd Runner up is Shraddha

4th Position for Zoya and 5th Position for Phulawa

Do yo agree with DID Super Mom Final Winner ?

  • OMG Zee TV. (91%, 492 Votes)
  • Yes (9%, 47 Votes)

Total Voters: 539

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  • Rumzan Sheikh

    Are you kidding me?.. mithu is the winner :(
    You will make me not to watch DID anymore ..

    • zain rafi

      hmmmm…. chilll dudeeeeeeeeeee

  • ashwini bhadane

    This is seamless thing that the contestant who actually not deserve in final who won the show…n if it Happen in DID then I MUST SAY I don’t wan watch DID anymore….PHULWA is real winner

  • b kumar

    It was just like getting more no. of votes not winning the dancing trophy.
    People are not judging, they just voting.
    This seems Judge’s judgment has no value.
    This is the 1st time in DID
    It’s not the fault of DID it’s the fault of people.
    They just want their regional contestant should be the winner, no matter how she dances.

  • mozah yammahi

    its so bad to see that the weakest competitor of dance India dance has become the ( Super Mom)

    its really shame even to watch the final episode

    In my point of view, it was a great indicator of DID failure

    I was a fan of DID since it established, but to be honest, I have no trust any more

    Regards to Mitohonda and DID staff

  • Kishore Allanki

    I knew, something is wrong when Mitu was in finals. According to me and several others who agree with me, Mitu shouldn’t be in top 10. There were many other moms, who were way too better that her. Well DID, is slowly losing its touch of magic. Now this show is all about not VOTES, not people, not dance, but it is all about MONEY. so i guess, these TV shows end up taking advantage of people who watch such shows with dedication, and in the end DID just messed it up AGAIN. I actually think even Mitu knows that she is not better than anybody else who were in finals. So help DID, and its time to switch to another dance shows, where there is not politics or bias of any kind.

  • vinay vin

    mitu is winner….OMG….plz change the result…
    mitu should be eliminated in super round itself… see radhika got eliminated..a strong contender to the title…? WHF….!!!

  • vinay vin

    In think it is a dance show not a comedy show to win the vote by making public laugh…DID use some commonsense before publishing the results..

  • preethi b

    I wonder how much money she paid to win the show. Anyways, this show is just cheating regular viewers, first of all they select contestants who already hv some connections with the media. Example: Radhika was one of the side dancers in Sonu nigam’s kajra mohabatwala featuring diya mirza. So if we observe all old pop albums and some film songs we may find most of these ‘regular’ contestants in the group of dancers.

  • pushpa anand

    It was a play with the emotions of real viwers who watched all the episodes so dedicatly. We are shocked/disturbed with the final results of DID super mom. DID knows who is the realy winner and even Mithu also knows who should be the realy winner of did supermom.

    According to my very little knowledge, seniority of the winner should be like that: No 1 should be Phulwa, number 2 zoya, 3rd shradha, 4th secil that all.

    I am sorry now we have decided not to watch DID any more as we are disappointed and not convenienced with the results.

    • satya narayan

      Iam from new zealand and was a great fan of DID .I just can not believe that the results can go so opposite. I fully endorse Pushpa Anands positioning. can we please have some explanation as to the results.I think dada need to stop this kind of shit.DID needs to explain this as to why they have decived the world.
      the other thing is if some one could explain me how was shivangni eliminated. Icould not find that episode as to where Shivangni was eliminated.I felt if any one was a close competitor to Phulwa , it was Shivangni

  • KIT

    Mithu does not deserve to be the winner. The other candidates are very much better.Dada should see to it that it does not happen next time this type of results and the one who deserve it should be the winner.plz dada try to use other formula so that it does not happen next time.

  • kjain216

    This is absolute bull$#!t. Phulwa is the obvious winner and Mithu is the obvious elimination that should have been made a long time ago. With Mithu winning, who was clearly the weakest dancer of the 18 contestants, proves that this competition was rigged. Like other dance enthusiasts, DID has lost my trust and loyalty too. I have religiously watched every episode but from now on, DID is DEAD for me!!!

  • viq2418

    how do we contact the ZEE tv programming head to lodge a complaint on this result !!! This is the first time DID had chosen the weakest to be the winner …Mithu !!! I could’ve digest any other 4 contestant to be in the top 3 not Mithu ..for heaven sake….I mean why do DID need judges and furthermore a useless grandmaster if he cant use his power and peoples judgement to overturn the votes !!!It should be on 50-50 voting system.. 50% people 50% judges…. I feel like puking seeing this Grand finale result… such a disgrace to all those who danced and performed well in DID supermoms…and This crack woman (MITHU)escaped each episode performing Bollywood masala and mithun da style..which has no sense of proper dance… I really pity the others as they have put their heart, mind and soul performing difficult genre like ropes, rings, cubes, swimming tank, fire and many more… Even that is not enough for the DID judges I guess ! STUPID BLOODY SHOW AND GRANDMASTER !! Are they blind or what !!!

  • Shirin Tasneem

    I and my family have watched the DID super mom show in Anchorage, Alaska. We are not happy with Mithu being the winner. There were other contestant who were better than Mithu who should have been in the finals. The winner should have been Phulwa or Zoya.

    How come Farha Khan was not in the final show? Also the number of votes that each person got was not announced? I am shocked with the result.

  • sajzad ahmed

    ” M I T H U ” …. WINNER !!!


    Shame…. DID

    PLZ….. it should not be happnd NEXT TYM

  • foru guys

    Hi Mithun da,

    Don’t misunderstand this one. I am not insulting Mithu or judges or anybody. I think as a true dancer you already know who has to win the show. But why the results are exactly opposite in the sequence respectively? If DID is the show where a non dancer can only be the winner, by emerging as a dancer episode by episode, then the perfect choice would be Zoya. or If DID really admires and encourages a real talent like before this show, then 100% the perfect choice must be PULWA. Even Mithu her self doesn’t believe that she was the winner and knows that she don’t deserve to be the winner. But why the results are like this? is there any pressure from political parties or Does DID also polluting it self like other shows interms of money.

    If your choice of winner was correct then atleast 1 comment in this blog would be in favour of Mithu. But you can observe none of the comments are in favour of Mithu.And I request you to plz don’t insult dance in a great dancing show( DID ) of our incredible india and also don’t insult true DID fans and regular viewers. As a great fan of your show I and ofcourse the entire india wants to know the reason behind these shocking results. Please don’t say that lot of people voted for her. we don’t believe that because our indians are not that much degraded to discourage a true talent like PULWA.

    I would suggest DID to not take the winner tag back from mithu because it feels really bad for her. But DID can also declare PULWA as a winner( just like DADA who actually calls real talent back in to the show ex: Raghav Crocroach). I think it will not disappoint anybody and as a proof of redeclaration DID can show all of these comments and the votings. And plz don’t think in negative manner that if DID re-declares the results or declares PULWA as a winner then reputation of the show will come down, and the people think that actually this time in DID something has happened behind the screen(may be the political pressures) thats why the results are shocking. Please don’t think in that manner and if DID is really for talent then show your truthness by redeclaring the results and mentioning your apologies to DID fans then DID will really has it’s own brand and trust in the society.

    I am not a fan of anybody in DID super mom. Actually I am a huge fan of Raghav Juyal( Crocroach ). And also by giving winner title to PULWA I didn’t get anything as I am not a relative of her and even she doesn’t know who I am. But still as a true dance lover I am posting this. And please reply to all of us who actually want to know the reason behind this shocking result why it has happend.

    These results are in resemblence with the empiring of steve buckner in the test match of IND vs Aus, in which the empire was the only reason of indian defeat in that match even australia players also knows that. At that time entire India was angry on Steve buckner. And now the entire nation is angry and unhappy with DID supermom results. Don’t become as the point block for all DID regular viewers. So plz redeclare the results.

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