CrockRoaxz may not have won a spot in the Top 18 Dance India Dance Season 4 contestants but he surely has won a place among Dance India Dance Fans. Crockroaxz’s Dance India Dance performance during Delhi Auditions and Mumbai Auditions has left him with a he fan following and we hope to see him included in Dance India Dance through a wild card entry or some other trick by Zee TV.

In our recent Poll on the website where we asked users “Do you think Raghav Crocroz deserved a spot in top 18?” 90% of the people want him included in Dance India Dance Season 3. We wish him all the best and would be waiting to see him on screen soon again as we believe he is going to make it no matter Dance India Dance or some other platform but we will be happy to see him going through Dance India Dance. We have put together both of his performance in high quality for your pleasure. Enjoy Raghav Crockroaxz slow motion dance.

Raghav Crockroaxz Dance India Dance Journey

  • indukundan

    hi raghav,,, we all are with you..
    pls mithun da and all respected judges bring him back with wild card entry.. otherwise we will stop watching dance india dance..
    with regards to raghav

    • Nischith

      Yea..!!! Not Fair..!!

    • evleena


      • prince chopra

        dn wry.. he vl win dis show…….:)

    • pawarrohit14

      Raghav must me in top 18….
      I was really shocked when he was eliminated from mega-qudotion…

      Masters please bring him back using special rule or wild card entry.. india is waiting to see his dance

    • katrina khan

      This competition is fixed. They are making public fools. First season winner is of Remo, Second season winner is of Terence so third season winner must be of Geeta…got it now, to satisfy all. Voting all is humbug. We are fools watching such fixed competitions. Zee Tv is making fools of us.

    • Arun Gupta

      I want toinvite Raghav in my function and pay him honourarium. Please accept Raghav.

  • indukundan

    wrongly i vote on no,it was a fair decision… but actually i want him back
    with lots of love to dance india dance…..

    • bikashbharati

      What you think
      the others are far better than Raghav?
      The ADBHUD 18 can’t match Raghav style.
      Even Maters are can’t? He is only uniqne contest
      in DID3 still now.Please see the viedos carefully.
      We are saw all style in previous seasons that other selected are did
      Nobody see such kind of performance that Raghav delivered.
      Hope Raghav will Back on viewer request.
      Otherwise it will be disappointed.


        raghav ew will win this show i pray for ew

        n ew are the best

  • the small CROCKROAXZ

    hi buddy, I’m really very sad because you are not in top 18.I request you to please come in next season of D.I.D..

  • zohaib0001

    I love your dance buddy

    please bring him back in DID 3

    i aslo love to Dhermash Sir

    Please please please in season three make it possible to show us at-least one performance from Dhermash Sir and Crockrooz

    • R45

      your so right dude..
      raghav is the best.
      i want him back on the show.

  • MA

    yes i would love to see crockrooz (Raghav) back. Please bring him back. He was good. so hope he will be back and it will be more fun to watch the show :) <3 MA:)

  • mahesh@22

    CROCKROAXZ Style Is Unique…and he will be very popular in future….its doesnot effect his selection on DID…
    Actually These people (Judge) are jealous to see such a high performance…..
    CROCKROAXZ…are better than all Top 18……

    Best Of Luck “CROCKROAXZ” Keep Dancing…Enjoying…
    Good Suggestion from me…”Dont come next time In DID….cause ur very good dancer…and ur very good….

  • Crazydanz

    Raghav is Amazing….i used to watch this show just beacs of him….. his talent is Assest to India…… YOU ROCK MAN………..Get somthing New for Next DID.

    • Nischith

      Exactly..!! Totally Cool..!!

  • indukundan

    hmm all are right

    • rachna sinha

      u r the winner


    Friends, for your kind Info, Raghav has select for Remo D’soza upcoming movie, so i felt no chance in DID3 show again, Except might his 1 more performance, but i still want him back, through WILD CARD. cheerz..


    choreographer Remo D’Souza is working on a 3D dance movie that will have Prabhu Deva and a top actress from Hollywood in the lead. Titled as ABCD, the shooting of the film will start from January 27. The film will hit theaters later this year.

    “It was very difficult for me to take Prabhu Deva in the project because he is busy with his forthcoming projects. But when he heard the script, he immediately said yes. The female lead will be played by a famous Hollywood actress whose name will be disclosed later,” Remo said.

    The choreographer, who is returning to the small screen with the third season of Dance India Dance on Zee TV, said the film is a dream come true. “Dance is always a focus in my films. It was my dream to make a film that will be based on dance. To show the various technicalities and dimensions in a dance move, it was necessary to make it in a 3D version.”

    Asked about not selecting any Indian actress for the role, the 37-year-old filmmaker said, “I don’t feel any actress from India can match her dancing prowess. She’s extremely brilliant in it.” The film talks about the struggle of an underdog in the profession and will also include the various contestants from the previous sessions of Dance India Dance.

  • kirti k

    yes would love to see Raghav back in DID


    Admin, the show is going on, can you just post New Treat for New comments? on Today SHOW ?.
    Just Post with Any Picture of Today SHOW. i want to comments on that. thanks.

  • jigna

    Please do get raghav back into the show. He performed amazingly to say the least and we thought he was a sure shot while watching his dance. I’m guessing that the judges did not choose him as his dancing style is too ‘unique’ (if there is such a thing). But he went through to the top 36 so that’s testament to his versatility. And think prince or dharmesh if u think a unique dancing style isn’t enough.

  • fever_jay11

    Raghav .. .. .. Dude u simpli rockkk ..ur a b0rn dancer ..i am withhh u .. And am n0t g0na watch d.i.d until u c0me bro ..u r0ck..

  • dancequeen25

    They have to bring him back………even if they have to break the rules…….raghav has a different style all together that deserves to be shown……….he deserves to be on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!! He really is born to dance!!!!

  • grnagare

    hey dude don’t take tension i know u will get wild card entry 100%….

    • http://Www.M.Facebook.Com/tariqsohankhan Tariq_sohan

      THATs NT faIr
      d unFAiR juDgemeNt by DId……</3
      raGAV uh R A Superstar…Buddi

  • ujinwalravi

    hi everyone……

  • samirancan

    Dance India Dance brings the smile and happiness on our face, it feels we are connected even though we are thousands of miles away from India.
    With regards to this season, it started off very nicely and actually demonstrated that this is level 3. DID 3 has some brilliant dancers and it has already started living up to the expectation we had from DID 3.
    Having said that, I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed; in fact ‘disappointment’ would be an understatement. Although its true that I am not familiar with the intricacies of certain dance forms, I was stunned to see Crocrox guy not getting selected. It can be said based on the knowledge we have developed over the years watching DID. How can he not be selected? DID should seriously contemplate on this and bring him back. DID 3 has some fantastic contestants. We (people here) think Croc guy really deserves a chance/place.
    On another note, I would say Hardik should not have been selected. Although he performed reasonably well tonight, I still believe he has a long to go before he can match up some of the contestants this season. He has demonstrated the emotion and tenacity towards dance (and DID) but his skills still require considerable polishing.
    Best of luck and best wishes. Looking forward to see some great performances and a fair decision.

  • nazishk

    Guys i don’t think we should worry about Raghav because he got direct entry in Bollywood without having to worry about going through a dance competition to prove himself. And that’s why we didn’t see much of him after his elimination may be coz Remo had talked to him already about selecting him for his movie. Whatever the case is even if he doesn’t come back in DID 3 i am eagerly waiting to see him in 3D. I wish him all the best in future.

  • R45

    plz plz bring raghav back.
    am from UK and I watch this show regularly.
    there’s lots of idiots in the top 18, they don’t deserves to b there but raghav does.
    plz give him 1 more chance.

  • mnegi

    Soon he will be Super Star………

  • crocroaz raghav

    i love u!!!!

    • virginie


  • crocroaz raghav

    love u like hell and watin 2 see b a SUpErDooPeR sTaR 😀

  • harshsavani

    mithunda nd all three plzzzzzzz bring raghav back he is he is a unique performer nd he diserves to be in adbhud 18

  • sumitdadhich

    yar ye Mithun pagla gya h yaar….jo Crockroaxz ko eliminate kar diya. yar ye mithun ko dance ki samajh to hai nahi . isko kisne grand-master bna diya?
    Disco jaisa farzi dance aata hai mithun ko keval.
    iski jagah Govinda ko hona chaiye. jisne bollywood movies me 1st time Break-dance (i am street dancer wale song me) break dance & popping- locking dikhaya tha.
    pls Crockroaxz ko bulao phir se. he’s superb dancer yar.
    aur ye mithun ko nikalo yar.

  • http://NONE NAYAN

    Hello Ragav My Name Is Nayan Form Surat.
    i watching Did at fast season but i never see dancer like
    you. You are wonderful.
    We love your dance and want to back Did this season through wild card entry.

    other wise we stop watching did.

    I love Ragav dance…

    with regards to raghav wait to see in did .

  • neeraj golu

    dis is not far dada ……
    raghav u should come ,,,
    uuu doo practicsss

  • chani


    The much awaited talent show I have been waiting for. Unfortunately , this year the show is not broadcasted in Israel. We DID fans in Israel are very disappointed. Last year both the two episodes of the week were broadcasted on every sunday which was very convenient and we really enjoyed it.

    Can somebody arrange something so that we get to see the Amazing dancers on Zee tv Israel on sunday like last year?

    From Indian Israelis in Israel.

    We love India and Indians

  • pawarrohit14

    Master we are kindly reqesting you to bring back our favorite croc-roaz.

  • akshay gupta

    I WANT RAGHAV plz. bring him back <3

  • abhi_aryan179

    I want raghav back in DID3…… any news on his wild card entry … I have heard rumours DADA is planning to bring him back… If that happens DID3 will rock

  • Rinchan Bodh

    Muje bi sikhao bhai

  • evleena

    plz can someone bring raghav back :( he has a unique style as well. he does dubstep. who no one does in the freaking show. plz bring him back :(

  • Vishalb_diu

    We won corck back……… any how……………we wont him back……………

    • sonali gaonkar

      Plz ..DADA

      we want RAGHAV in DID3 he will rock the show…plz bring him in wild card entry as per viewers choice plz plz …

  • om

    i want raghav back,,plz get him back by wild card entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chhaya16

    this is unfair…u know actually he was the best amongest all…me n my hubby thought he will win this season…n u guys did not take him for top 18…very very very wrong decision by all of u…pls grandmaster bring him back..u know i love this show..i wait for saturdays n sundays every week…its a request…pls bring him back…

  • utsavsen

    Welcome back Raghav…. U deserved a chance in the wild card…hope u make it!!

  • dancefan2012

    Good to see you back in the show. Will pray for you to get to top 13 because, we want to see more creative and unique dance.

  • ponapa38

    I am really happy that CROCKROAXZ,You came back and now I am looking
    forword for your performances.Your style is unique and I think no one
    can dance like you.You …r the best and I Wish… U will be in top 13.

    Best of Luck………


  • ashwin kathiriya

    Welcome back Raghav…….

  • sonali gaonkar

    …hey Raghav…welcome to DID

    just waiting for your performance……….

    gud luck….

  • ankit rathi

    please show the pics of saumya tondon of 4 feb 2012 episode she is really looking nice………….so that we can download her pics from google 4feb2012

  • sidhart debbarma

    Just want Raghav to be selected……

  • Prakash C. Joshi

    Now DID 3 have a real dancer “CROCKROZ”

  • seeker

    bro, u r unique… u r above any competition!!!

  • bhavini rathod

    u r amazing n we all r wid u luv to see u perform

  • Dhwani Hissaria

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you toooooo muchhh.. <3

  • Akhil Bhadoria

    Wanna see yur Dance on “Linkin Park’s Frgt10 (Alchemist ft. Chali”).
    Perfect song for ya dude__ Rock the >>DiD<< \m/

  • deepak wardhan

    i miss raghav


    Great compilation of crocroaxz videos. After DID season 3 it will be great if you can compile all crocroaxz videos into a Video CD. I’m ready to buy it or pay for the download.

    I highly appreciate if you can do this “Dance India Dance” team

    • Sunita Pandita

      When Raghav was eliminated in the mega auditions, my husband together with me thought that it was a joke. We were watching Raghav perform and to our surprise never imagined that anyone could come up with moves like the Crockroaxz. So far nobody has and I think that Raghav has brought a whole new level of dancing to mankind. Keep up the very good work, Raghav and I’m sure that you don’t need a competition like DID or any other dance competitions to show yourself as you already have outdone yourself. You Raghav, will make great people like the late Michael Jackson, roll in his grave with the moves you do. I say it again and again, keep up the great work.
      Your dance moves makes people who don’t dance, want to get on the floor and be floored. GOOD JOB AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU, RAGHAV.

  • reeva mehta

    Hi raghav
    I never admired anyone except you.. You are a true dancer. i love your face expressions and your slow motion dance. I am from punjab and wanna tell you “tusi ta chhaaa gaye, te hun jit k hi aana” i wanna meet you once.
    love you from bottom of my heart.

  • Nitin kumar

    raghav sir me aapka bahut bahut bahut bada fan hu log shahrukh khan .,aamir khan, salmakhan khan ya ranveer kapoor k fan hote h par main aapk fan hu aap kya slow motion karte ho…. muhe aapka dance bahut pasand h bhagwaan kare did3 winner aap hi bane main apne ghar k sare phone se aur apne sare frnds k mobile se aapko vote karta hu sir agar ho sake to me ek baar aapse baat karna chahta hu phone pe plz aap muje mail kariyega aapka no..

  • samir khan

    HI DID3

    my self samir this message to all DID group.I never watched TV show ever in my life. but DID it,s awesome Bcoz it,s family show not only that also entertainment.
    I love GEETHA ma’am.jay his hero.without him the show is not full
    grand master i have a request to u plz don’t comb u r hair like that.

  • soumya srk

    hi did3,
    my self vicky this msg to my favourite Remo sir, Geet ma , terence sir, and most for raghav crooakroax. you are amazing raghav and i am a great fan of you.

  • Meenakshi Talrani


  • afrah kurkikar

    you are the bessstttt…..DANCER !!!!!!!!!

  • rohit sharma

    how can i download contestant’s performance mp3 plz help me

  • umang joshi

    Raghav is really amazing dancer. I never seen anyone dance like him specially the slow motion thing…….you are Guinness

  • seo18 cbitss

    u r a bestttttttttttttt… dancer

  • Jignesh patil

    Dude!!! good luck!! All the way from South Africa…

  • piyush agrawal

    i M UR BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeesttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttfan Raghav

    Piyush Agrwawal

  • rachna sinha

    u r suprb dancer

  • rachna sinha

    u r the winner of did3.

  • Kishore Karki

    saumya you are one of the best dancer in the group.

  • hitesh chouhan

    how to download videos of did raghav

  • Dinesh Bhadsale

    Hey RAGHAV I want 2 say some word in Marathi about u …..आयच्या गावात U r a ‘ढासू’performer in India……….all the best…..!

  • Liza rockstar

    Heiiiiiiiiiii Raghav……Im seriously in love wid u….!!!!
    I alwayzzzz watch ur videos repeatedly..!! Something happened to me :)
    nywayzzz but more than a good dancer u r an awesome skipper…u must b the favorite among the kids….
    kash main v ek kid hoti tumhare raghav ke rockstars me :)
    All d best to soumya and rohan….both r superb..dnt let go either of them..both r real gems..!!!

  • Salman Ahmad

    i love yaar dancer yaar kya mast dance karta hai tu

  • Dibas Dandapat

    I like Raghav

  • Giridhar

    raghav i m ur big fanzzzzzz yaar tu fir se ek baar DID4 me aaja yaar yaar plzzzzzzz tujhe dekhna chahata hu or tera slow motion dance missss uuuuuu

  • Gokul

    I raghav bhaiyya . I love ur dance soooooooo.. much..I like ur slow motion very much.. and by seeing u I also learned how to do slow motion…. And also tutting..I like to see ur videos sos and so…..I am a big fan of urs… U r the best dancerrrrr in the world… All best Raghav bhaiyya……. (I ❤ u )

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