Dance India Dance Season 3 25th March *100th Episode Celebration*

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th March *100th Episode Celebration*

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th March is the 100th Episode of Dance India Dance. Let’s join hands for a huge clap for the team of Dance India Dance, strating from Mithun to masters, hosts, engineers and most of all the superb contestants who have made a mark on the indian television screen for the days to come. As expected it was a blast, full of entertainment episode. Salman, Puneet and Mohena won performer of the day but All of them were superb today.

Remo D’souza also announced first 3D Dance movie of India Any Body Can Dance – ABCD and DID Contestants which are part of it are Salman, Puneet, Prince, Rawal, Dharmesh, Kishore, Bhavna, Saajan.

Dance India Dance 25th March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune , Sneha Gupta and Shakti Kapoor Peformed Aerial and Contemporary on song Maa Tujhee Salaam – A R Rehman

Raghav Crocroaz and Prince Gupta Performed Locking and Popping with touch Slow Motion and Robotics on song Bodyguard from Movie Bodyguard

Neerav and Kunwar Amarjeet Performed FreeStyle O Meri Jaan Mere Ko Majnu Bana Ka from movie Agent Vinod

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar and Bhawna Khanduja Performed Balle and Contemporary on song Tu Mere Paas Hai from movie Taal

Mohena Singh , Salman and Puneet Performed Aerial and Contemporary on song To Phir Aao from movie Awarapan

Vaibhav Ghuge and Kruti Mahesh Performed Bollywood style on song Vaat Majhi Baghtoy Rikshawala – Marathi Song

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar , Dharmesh Yelande and Siddhesh Pai Performed Bollywood Freestyle on remix song Aankh Mare O Ladka from movie Tere Mere Sapne

Abhik Banerjee and Bhavna Performed Lavani and Aerial on Lavani song Kata Rutla from movie Yedyanchi Jatraa

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th March part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th March part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th March part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th March part4

  • DID fan Odisha

    Very Much Excited. Looking forward to see the performance.

  • Shamik Chanda

    Watching d performances and enjoying..

  • haresh_did3

    Watching the perfomance right now. Vert exciting…

  • haresh_did3

    Sorry dats ‘very’…..mistake

  • me.yummy

    Congrats to the DID family on completing 100 episodes!! It was good to see Salman, Kruti and Bhavna back. I really wanted to see Alisha on today’s show. :(
    Mohena, Salman and Punit’s performance was fabulous. Each of them did what they were good at and it came together nicely and I was happy to see them win the POTW. Things have been on the up and up for Mohena and she should definitely make it to top 4. Rajyasmitha had a tough challenge in front of her and she matched Dharmesh and Siddesh. Their act was paisa wasool. The gags were too good. Sanam and Bhavna made a good pair and thankfully Bhavna was not behaving like a wall.
    Pradeep, Sneha and Shakti’s aerial portion was good but the rest of the act was OK. Kunwar did a better job than Neerav and I want to see him out next week (him or vaibhav…). Kruti/Vaibhav and Abhik/Bhavna were average.
    Ciao!! 😀

  • haresh_did3

    My prediction was correct. Raghav and prince danced together and danced well also.
    Well done rajasmita and mohena, both of you done a fabulous job by dancing with dharmesh sir and sidhesh (rajasmita) and salman and punit (mohena).

  • govinda g

    Congrats to the DID family on completing 100 episodes…
    Waiting to see the amazing performances…

  • Shamik Chanda


    1.SHAKTI,SNEHA & PRADEEP: for me it ws d best act in d episode… Nva saw such a beautiful trio… Shakti ws very very gud.. D shapes dey made in d air ws so risky but beautiful.. Enjoyed d act to my hearts contnt..

    2.DHARMESH,SIDDESH & RAJASMITA: paisa vassool.. Though it ws a bit long performance it was worth seeing.. Rajasmita matched sidds and dharms level and m so happy for them.. I hope rajasmita gets on top next week.. Awesome choreography geeta maa.. <3 u..

    3.SALMAN,MOHENA &PUNEET: it ws puneets day.. He ws magnificent.. Both salman and puneet over powered mohena.. Some lifts were really good but some parts i felt were a bit untidy.. Puneet u were d bst among them..

    4.BHAVNA & Sanam: i m a kathak dancer and if there is something i would like to learn after kathak would b ballet… Loved it.. Dey are the real grace king and queens.. Still i felt bhavna was 1 step ahead.. Maybe bcoz dats her forte..!! But anyways it was a treat to watch them..

    5.AMAR & NEERAV: i m a bit disappointed.. Amar ws one of my fav and i like neerav.. I wanted to see them doing contemporary.. But anyways pungi baje k was nice..

    6.PRINCE & RAGHAV: truely phenomenol.. It would hav got a grand salute if raghav was a bit good.. Good raghav.. Prince u r the best..

    7.ABHIK & BHAVNA: very good choreography maa.. Abhik was very nice.. Tried his best… But bhavna was not a good support..

    8.KRUTI & VAIBHAV: disappointed again y kruti.. Was my fav.. But hoped she did some classical…!! Vaibhav not good..

    Master remo: nce choreographys oltogether..
    Master geeta: beautiful choreographies, beautiful coments.. And beautiful saree..
    Master terence: salute for d ariel act..

    Next weeks rank according to me:

    vaibhav should go..

    • dancefan2012

      Correction made to your post for Sanam and Puneet confusion, all unnecessary followed comments removed

    • aham

      Vaibhav is better then neerav…:S

    • amber hussain

      you seem to be a big fan of Terence Ki Toli. I mean if the other lot got the performance of the day it must have been for some reason…. I loved the SALMAN,MOHENA &PUNEET. rightly won

  • Admin

    Chill guys, videos in 20 minutes :)

  • haresh_did3

    Thanx admin…….

  • _harsha_

    Thanks Admin….I m eagerly waiting for it…

  • piyush.yawalkar01

    20 min are over..please upload the videos ..I am dying to see Dharmesh after a looong time on TV

  • Prerna Mehra

    here are my ratings of the show:

    Mohena salman puneet!!!! there is no doubt y salman won did1.. the man is a born dancer! he has an aura and a presence and u knw when hes dancing. hes got his own strong personality and to be honest… its cuz of him and puneet, mohinas performance shined today! salman is very very effortless with his body and dancing.

    Sanam and Bhavna:
    There was sheer grace in their performance, very very effortless and flexible. To be honest, their act had the most difficulty level cuz anyone JUST CANNOT DO BALLET! u can learn ariel, slow motion, blah blah, but ballet needs flexibility RIGHT FROM CHILDHOOD. u can just get up one day and say “o ill learn ballet”. just for that dance form and the difficulty level of lifts, grace and smoothness, id give sanam and bhavna 10/10! well done!

    Abhik and Bhavna:
    simple cuz it was the performance of a girl done by a boy! the difficulty level was tremendously high for abhik, cuz hes firstly in air and hes got to have the grace of a girl and for THAT, id rate him 3rd best

    Rajasmitha, siddesh, dharmesh:
    this performance is 4th mainly cuz of the sync. timing! the dance steps were not tough, but to match each and every step of such an energetic performance… amazing!

    vaibhav and kruti:
    this was a power packed full on entertainment performance and mainly cuz it was crisp and done in sync. its imp o keep in mind, the steps can be easy or tuff, but if not in sync can look ugly. so just for sync, confidence and entertainment, full marks to them

    prince and raghav:
    i love prince,.. ever since season 1 iv followed his performance. even today i liked it, but somehow wasnt wow-ed by it, cuz raghav cudn match his pace. raghav missed a few steps and the cleanness prince has, raghav doesn have it. i dnt knw y hes in top 3 always! the position is actually wasted by puttin him there. hes good with his jokes and stuff, but come on! that’s not dance!! i wish ppl wud see that

    neerav and kunwar:

    i enjoyed only kunwar in this act. did not like neerav AT ALL! he was way behind kunwar in energy and beats. i dnt knw y HE WASNT ELIMINATED THIS WEEK AND SNEHA WAS! her solo act was so neat! i hope neeravs eliminated next week. i cant see him dance anymore. he’s very very boring and full of unnecessary drama. very bland

    pradeep shakti and sneha:
    well the dance was good, but somehow cudnt connect to their act. maybe cuz i missed to watch a portion. but i really cudnt relate to the act.

    my fab 4 choice:

    and if the votings are done right: this shud be the week’s ranking of the performers:


    • Prerna Mehra

      oops sorry.. typo: i meant u cant just get up and say “o ill learn ballet”

  • dancefan2012

    Bhawna Khanduja (DID2) and Sanam – Balle and Contemporary – Bhavana danced better than Sanam and did it with ease and smoothly, unlike Saman was struggling with stretching and lifts. The toe movements of Bhavana was much clear than Sanam. I don’t know why, its Sanam’s forte and he did not do it well as expected from him.

    Vibhav and Kruthi (DID2) – Bollywood Style – Kruthi, you cannot beat her in expression. Kruthi again was better than Vaibhav. I felt Vaibhav was less expressive than Kruthi and yes the song was superb

    Prince (DID1) and Croc Boy – Locking and Popping with Slow Motion with touch of Robotics – Well thanks to Prince, Croc Boy learned some new moves in slow motion. Yes there were some Sync Issues but leave that apart, they told DADA via song, what we have to tell him… STOP the Flirting on the DID Stage…..Well they both did what they were best in what they do. The song selection was funny, these 2 need the bodyguard the most than they become bodyguard of some of trice their size……Ha Ha Ha (Nothing personal…)

    Monehna, Puneeth (DID2) and Salman (DID1) – Aerial and Contemporary, it was like watching short-film of Twilight Saga. All 3 were really good.

    Amar (DID2) and Neerav – FreeStyle – Amar has more clarity in his dance than Neerav. Neerav is faster than the beats, he completes his step even before the beat.

    Rajshmitha, Dharmesh (DID2) and Siddesh (DID1) – Bollywood FreeStyle – Well no one can beat D Sir in catching the beat so perfectly. Siddesh was again fine. Rajsmitha lost in the performance of D sir and Siddesh.

    Shakti (DID2) , Sneha G and Pradeep – Aerial and Contemporary. Pradeep and Sneha couldn’t match the flexibility of Shakti. But this was the performance of the day for me.

    Abhik and Bhavana Purohit (DID1) – Lavani and Aerial – Abhik first time used his kathak training perfectly. Just in 1 or 2 places he lost the feminine charm but again he is male so no complaint. The expression were superb. Bhavana as usual very well done, they both complimented each other and this is the only performance were DID3 contestant was not over powered by previous DID season contestant.

    All the above choreography were not done by the masters, they were done by the DID1 and DID2 contestants with help of DID3 contestants, so no credit for Master’s for today’s performance.

    Verdict DID1 and DID2 contestants were 100% better than DID3 contestants because, they have gained so much experience… Will see what is next in the store, will wait for next week performances…Hope DID3 contestants will pull their sock after today’s episode.

    • virginie

      Are you sure the masters did not do the choreography of any of the performances? Wow! Special congrats to the aerials of Salman-Punit-Mohena and the Shakti-Pradeep-Sneha! Breathtaking!

    • tina

      so agreew u in each line dance 2012

    • Manoj Pradhan

      Have followed your posts and comments ever since I got to this site to watch DID in HD. But, I just had to stop reading your comment today, after seeing what you wrote for Prince and Raghav. Prince is no match to Raghav. Look at Raghav’s dime stops and his expressions when it comes to dub steps, perhaps you were munching on pop-corn while you missed that. Prince is a good dancer, but an arrogant one.
      And last, please please for God’s sake, don’t even dream of saying or commenting anything on Mithun Da. Perhaps if you are connected with the production of the show, you know how things are scripted, so don’t blame him, and for that matter he’s above all these.
      You doing a good job by uploading stuff, continue doing that, and keep commenting, but not on people who have done far more than you can dream of.
      Phew, nothing personal, but could not resist. Had to sign in just to write this.

      • dancefan2012

        Can you please highlight which point about Prince and Croc Boy hurt you?

        And about Dada, I will comment later after reading what you have to say for what I have commented about Prince and Croc Boy…….

      • prabhat pujari

        I am totally agree with bud, This guy is really can see raghav standing at the top.. prince and raghav were awesom in that act. and if this is criticizing , then i am 100% sure , he is missing the fun

      • virginie

        Are you saying that someone (whom I dont want to qualify with adjectives) is giving a SCRIPT to Mithun Da where he is supposed to FLIRT with girls who could be his granddaughters???

        Even if that is true, I believe Mithun Da is old and powerful enough in DID to make his own judgement and to accept or reject a script… Which is even more sad…

    • Manoj Pradhan

      When it comes to dub steps no body could match Raghav as of now, Prince does not even come closer, if you see Raghav’s expressions and dime stops.

      • virginie

        Here I completely agree with you, Manoj.

  • Osin Gurung


    • Prerna Mehra


      • Osin Gurung

        :'( i was waiting for it.but it didnt show up !
        i was sooo eagerly waiting to see the limelight for today’s epi.. :(

        • virginie

          They repeated today’s show, so no more time for limelight…

  • raj shetty

    100 episodes…good but expected lot more
    .good to see did 1 and 2 contestants….

    coming to performance
    1) salman mohena punit– definately the best due to the difficulty level and the awsome execution by salman and punit they stole the show..mohena was also good

    2)dharmesh raj siddesh–awsome act timing was too good…jus it was pure entertainment it came second in ma list….good to see dharmesh back on stage…

    3)shakthi pradeep and sneha–good chreography..nice ariel stunt… some where it dint connect…but nice attempt and concept…good to see shakthi back on stage..

    4)sanam and bhavana–perfect pair by remo…nice choreography ..lot of places bhavana was better than sanam….

    5)bhavna and abhik–superb dance by both.. only act in which i felt did 3 contestant was better….though bhavana is terriffic dancer….

    6)amar and neerav–good choreography…nice gags…but amar was lot better than neerav…good to see amar back on stage..

    7)prince and crockroaz–dint live up to expectation…may b not the right pair..solo part was good…but total act dint come out nicely… prince was better in lot of places…raghav should come with something diff…slow motion has been repeated so many times,,,,

    8)vaibhav and krithi–nothing bad nothing good..ok ok performance..i guess vaibhav might go next week…:)

    anyways enjoyed the episode,,,good to see did family back again…
    did 1 nd did 2 are way better than did 3 dancers…missed alisha jai and mayuresh today….waiting for ABCD movie……..cheers

    signin off…..:)

  • virginie

    Well, so this was the so much awaited 100th episode…

    Excellent choreography, some were visually fantastic!
    Good to see some old contestants, some were fabulous as ever, some others disappointing, as the DID3 contestants… I missed Mayuresh and Kishore…

    Here, despite it’s Sanam forte’s type of dance, he was overpowered by Bhavna… His moves were not that clean… I really expected more from Sanam, because he has potential for ballet, he is graceful…

    Again Mithun da flirting with the girls, “you are looking gorgeous, I could not take my eyes off you” (to Bhavna) and to Shakti, “you are so cute, so beautiful!”… hmmm… When will he stop doing these disgraceful comments that do not suit a respectable man of his age???

    Nothing special from anyone. Disappointed by Kruti, whom I like otherwise. Vaibhav was boring. Oh… I would have loved to see that rickshaw moving!

    Prince was completely out of shape, out of sink with Raghav, I can’t understand why both got equally praised… Raghav did some very nice new moves in slow motion, brilliant, like Terence said…
    Besides, it was funny to see 2 very slim guys playing bodyguard, which would have suited best Salman and Puneet’s bodies, lol, but anyways, a very nice performance despite the sync issues.

    I was happy to hear Raghav reply to Mithun in such a way that Mithun could not answer back lol

    Mohena+Salman(DID1 winner)+Puneet:
    Fantastic choreography, filmy stuff. Fantastic Salman and Puneet… But the 2 guys overpowered the scene, leaving less place for Mohena, though she performed brilliantly, as usual… As Geeta pointed rightly, this was a pure team dance… Breathtaking performance. Well deserved praises from all and well deserved Most Desired Performance of the Day Award.

    I am a big fan of Amar, I was expecting to see him doing contemporary or so, because he is very graceful and has an expressive body, and he is really good at that… But I was a bit disappointed by the performance with Neerav. Moreover, though Neerav was his teacher, Amar overpowered him…

    Dharmesh and Siddhesh also overpowered Rajasmita, who did again and again her energetic moves… But Dharmesh sharpness and beats are unmatchable… Too long act. It was becoming boring, if Dharmesh would not have been there with his sparks… Really tired of seeing Rajasmita doing the same and the same energetic acts…

    Shakti(DID2 winner)+Pradeep+Sneha:
    Here Shakti was up to the expectations I had, really fantastic, and Pradeep was a match for her though I felt he was a little bit intimidated by Shakti. Sneha got lost a couple of times behind, but otherwise she did pretty well for being along with Shakti. Pradeep got no praises??? Masters forgot HE was the one to be judged! He was damn good and the choreography was so difficult…

    That feminine act reminded me Paul’s act. Abhik is already a bit feminine and soft, he should not increase that. I loved when he was the manly romantic partner of Sneha, I really felt weird seeing him today dressed as a girl and doing it quite well.

    Well, that’s all for this week.

    Vaibhav was the weakest of all the contestants, especially yesterday and also today… Sorry Vaibhav, but I think you are the one that has to go next week…

  • virginie

    Oh, and I was also happy to hear Dharmesh reply back to Mithun in a perfect English as Mithun tried to make a mockery of Dharmesh’s English as in DID2, but he could not do it! :) So sweet from the Grand Master, no?

    Why Binny was not there? 4th finalist of DID2…

    • dancefan2012

      Binny is busy shooting for her next serial, which is releasing soon…

      • DIDFollower

        Can you tell the name of the serial?

        • dancefan2012

          Don’t worry the news will come out soon, it not official yet.

          So did you follow her in her first serial – Sanjog se bani sangini?

      • virginie

        Yeap, very much! lol
        She is a good actress, but I would feel sad if she quits dancing because I liked her dance her much…

        • virginie

          *very much

  • samecute

    CONGRATS! DID Team on completing 100 episodes.

    Today’s episode was SUPERB!

    All TRIO acts were really nice.
    In my opinion most desirable performance of the day should have been shared with pradeep, shakti and sneha as this act was also very difficult from choreography point of view.I was also expecting neerav and amar will do a contemporary act, little disappointed. i think terence should choreograph some difficult acts for neerav to make him safe in upcoming episodes. Some how i have a feeling that this season Terence is not focusing that much on his contestants equally as he use to do in previous seasons.

  • tina

    ok all master and GM praised unnecessarily all contestants so hard I guess not right for us to comment on them except to enjoy

    1,Sanam and Bhva- agrre w most of u – Bhavna completely overpowered /overshadowed Sanam – which again proves that DID1 ad 2 contestants were better than DID3/Sanam at least, all lifts were performed by bhanva, Sanam merely supported Bhavna, but it should have been just the opp. Sanam was v clumsy in carrying bhavna throughout.

    2.Bhaibav-Kruti, Kruti ah=gain overshadowed bhaivav…Kruti was one conte in DID2 who was also wrongly eliminated earlier. Kruti was way better in expression and dance than Bhaibav also climbing on top of auto was v smooth by Kruti and v clumsily done bu Bhaibav- Time for Bhaibav to leave the show.

    3.Raghav-Prince-although both of them performed neck to neck unlike the first two, still I would say Prince was sharper than Raghav, expn wise both similar. Again past two DID dancers are better tha th ecurrent ones till now.

    4.Moehana-Salman=Punit – v v nice concept and v nice execution by all three, many new steps by all 3- even here I liked Salman perf better than the rest two. But somehow they were so conscious of dancing, the dance came out as emotionless, at least I could not not connect with them. Even I was impressed w Puneets act- he improved a lot. Now did u guys here what terrance said – ‘Moehna dramabazi to kartei hai’ – even I felt that in all her performance- she over dramatizes her dance and during her comments.

    5.Nerrav-Amar-hands down Amar any day was better in expn and dance than Neerav. Time for Neerav to get out , he hogged enough limelight.

    6.Raj-Dharmesh-Siddesh- well I was a bit disappointed…was expecting a dhamaka or a diff or difficult act from them, they were v good in expn and dance but was not the best knowing each of their capabilities. But v entertaining though. I think Dharmesh should have spoken on Raj’s behalf to ask for votes.

    7.Pradeep-Snaha-shakti-v v good tried their best to be coordinated eve in air.

    8.Abhik-Bhavna= Abhikis the only dancer who has shown all sort of verstality and today he did better than Paul as a woman, so feminine he danced….way to go abhik…you should stay longer

    Finally I agree with perfo of the day.

  • did 3rd

    I am little bit disappointed with today episode. I was expecting more damaka from the reunion of all the 3 seasons, Except the 2 arial trio acts, no other acts was impressive. dharmesh sir and sidhesh (rajasmita) act was so predictable. I was expecting more from them. I feel dharmesh a bit sad or proudy, I don’t know. He was not clapping when other team perform well. While sakti is hug and clapping for other contestant. Yes, Its clear that DID 1 and DID 2 contestant was better than DID 3 contestant. I really missed ranchi ki rajkumari, King of Prop Jai and Mayurash.

    Bhavna with Avik is a waste. Both of them are sucha good dancer, geeta wasted their talent. This will be risky. Because last week Avik was the 2nd last Voted contestant.

    According to me, this week best performer is Mohina and 2nd Pradeep, 3rd Rajashmita (based on the sole perfomence), Rest all are Ok Ok. So does not matter.

    I really want to see neerav out.

    Some body please tell Sanam, Its a dance competition, not Mr. India
    competition. He should really focus on his dance not body.

    Did you all realize, Remo pick the best dancer from different dance styles. For example, sajan for B-Boing, Kishor for stunts, bhavna for bellet.

    see u next week :)

  • nazishk

    First of all thanks for the upload admin……. And secondly congrats to DID for completing 100 episodes. Good going!!!!

    Now as of performances….. WOW.. What an episode … I must say I enjoyed every single act.

    Sanam and Bhavna’s duet was good… It was good to see her again and I thought they did an awesome job!!!! Sanam’s forte is contemporary so I am sure he enjoyed his performance. Over all it was a different and nice act!

    Mohena, Salman and Puneet were brilliant…. I was very happy to see Salman and Puneet on the stage once again. They both were just flawless… Mohena was also good!!! I think the reason why they got performance of the day was coz of the two guys they enhanced the act!

    Vaibhav and kruti were also good but I didn’t like it much… I wish kruti had done classical along with Vaibhav’s hip hop. Over all it was an ok act but was happy to see kruti again….

    And now my fav Dharmesh Sir supported rajismita along with siddhesh… I would have easily watched one more performance by Dharmesh Sir. Its always a pleasure watching him dance…. The trio was just brilliant at first I was worried coz I didn’t know if Rajismita will be able to match Dharmesh’s energy but she did very well. And I won’t be wrong to say that she can very well win this season…. It was just amazing to watch all three of them dance together… Love love

    Abhik and Bhavna’s act was ok…. I wish it was a little cleaner and stronger. Abhik was wonderful though…it was good to see Bhavna again.

    Prince and Raghav were really good…. I like their performance as they were absolutely brilliant in their style. Now I would really like raghav to see do something completely different without any flaws coz I think it’s about time he does.

    Neerav and Amar’s act was hilarious… Very entertaining! I was happy to see Amar back… What a lovely person he is. I hope he goes far and become successful in future. I though Amar was better than Neerav today!!!

    Shakti, Sneha and Pradeep’s act was also good…. Missed seeing shakti on the stage!!! All three of them were just amazing …

    I hope to see Remo’s movie soon… Can’t wait!!!! And I am so glad Jay nair wasn’t invited… Or he would have mid behaved again. Siddhesh looks completely different now with his mustache.. Over all It was good to see all
    Of them back again :)….

  • Whackybanana

    So I just finished watching the show and here’s what I felt about the performances.

    1) Sanam and Bhavna = It was a decent effort. But Bhavna had more grace and cleaner movements than Sanam. Surprising to see Sanam struggle even when it is supposed to be his forte. I feel Sanam is a good performer than a dancer. He has the looks, a good physique, personality and is well spoken. I dunno what the show is looking for but personally I feel he is not a top 4 “dancer”.

    2) Kruti and Vaibhav = This was an okay act. Kruti completely killed it. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Great expressions and did complete justice to the style. Vaibhav was just blown away in this one by Kruti. Also the song was rendered in a female voice which was a lil unfair to Vaibhav. But Kruti is a far better dancer any day.

    3)Prince and Raghav = Same old same old. I am a lil sick of seeing Raghav doing the same steps again and again. Prince in season 1 bot a lotta variety to the stage, but Raghav is finding it difficult to do so. Also prince has cleaner movements. Entertaining act nonetheless.

    3) Mohena, Puneet and Salman = This was a good act. Puneet was superb to be fair. I never thought he was top 4 material last season, but today he was really good. Salman as usual held his own and stamped his authority on the performance and showed why he won season 1. It would be fair to say Mohena supported them.

    4) Kunwar Amar and Neerav = I had a lotta expectations from Amar. I was so looking forward to seeing him perform. I for one felt he should have made it to the top 4 last season. Well this act was def not worth the wait nor the expectations. Neerav again fell flat with his dance. Amar did justice to the choreo which was weak in itself.

    5) Rajasmita, Dharmesh and Siddesh = I actually felt Rajasmita was pretty good in this act. She stood up to two dancers with amazing comic timing. Very entertaining act. One of the few performances where the season 3 contestants came through with respect to season 1 and season 2 contestants.

    6) Shakti, Sneha G and Pradeep = The best act of the day. Shakti once again delivered a masterclass and polished performance. Kudos to pradeep and sneha for supporting shakti in this act. I felt Sneha should have stayed in the show instead of Vaibhav and Neerav. But alas, the organizers have to rig the show to maintain parity among the contestants. Pradeep is a versatile dancer and should make it to the top 4.

    7) Abhik and Bhavna = Abhi was superb in this act. I was very upset seeing him in the kasuati yesterday. I think he could make the top 4. Very versatile and mature performer. haven’t see him putting a foot wrong in any of the performances.

    Top 6 according to me:

    I think this is a surety cos Neerav and Vaibhav are getting difficult to watch the past few weeks.

    Top 4 is difficult to predict. But here is my personal choice:

    1) Pradeep
    2) Rajasmita
    3) Mohena
    4) Raghav

    But am sure it won’t be this way as it would be extremely difficult to dislodge Sanam out of the final 4. But, I really want to see Pradeep and Rajasmita in the top 4. Cheers to Nazishk, Dancefan2012 and Virginie. :)

    • dancefan2012

      Hello Whacky…… :-)

      • Whackybanana

        Sup dancefan2012? Any breaking news in store for next week? And you hinted about a surprise last week. Was it the 100th episode or is it sommit else?

        • dancefan2012

          I already got some warning emails buddy.. so my lips are tight but I will try to give as much info as possible without getting into any legal issues…..

          • virginie

            Hmmm… warning emails… that’s not nice… :(

    • nazishk

      Hey Whacky… wsup wsup? Don’t see you much on here…

      • dancefan2012

        Same goes for you Nazisk….. 😆 😉

        • nazishk

          😀 😀 I know… ever since luv2dance and esposa left I have no one to argue with 😛
          What’s going on with you? How are you dancefan2012?

          How are you virginie??

          • virginie

            Hahaha, no one to argue with… LOL…You are better off without arguing, believe me! :) I am fine, dear nazishk… Hope you are fine too! Take care :)

  • Whackybanana

    Actually looking at the pairing today between Shakti, Salman, Puneet, Siddesh, Dharmesh and Prince it is expected that the contestants paired with them should be the top 4. I think that is a clear indication from the organizers who should be pushed into the limelight. The top 4 then would be

    1) Pradeep
    2) Rajasmita
    3) Mohena
    4) Raghav

    Also the season 1 and 2 contestants were far superior to season 3 contestants. Some of it should have stemmed from experience, but talent wise also I think this season has been a lil poor and eliminations unfair. Would have loved to see Jai kumar nair in the show today. But, I think that fight kinda killed it for him. I feel Rajasmita/Pradeep should win the show. It’s an early and audacious prediction so please bear with me. Cheers! 😀

    • tina

      whacky good to see ur comment

      I predicted couple of weeks back

      going by the logic that geeta team should win, and 2 and 4th position are from same team Did1(Jai4 and Alsha2) and DID2 (dharmesh2, binny4) again from same team) , the ranking would be
      1. Rajasmita(winner)
      2.Raghav( by popular vote , although would love to see pradeep here)
      3.Sanam or Moehna
      4.Pradeep ( or Raghav, if pradeep is no 2)

      • tina

        th eother possibility is
        2.Sanam( given how popular he is becoming)

        Sad to see if Pradeep is not in top 4

      • virginie

        Rajasmita winner????? No way! She has not shown versatility! Yes, strenght, yes energy, yes sync, but Pradeep is all that + versatility! And Mohena has not got 35kg props in her choreography, but she is so graceful and so versatile! Yes, Rajasmita is good, but I believe Pradeep has more qualities than her, it’s ok if Rajasmita is top 4, but NOT 1st by God’s sake! Anyways, votes seem not to count that much…
        For instance, Rajasmita is no match for Shakti! I wander how she would have done at Sneha’s place…

        • dancefan2012

          @ Virgine, It seems Riddhika is a dance instructor in CA. Hope you get to meet her.

          • virginie

            Who told you I am in CA? lol, I am not even in US… hehe Thanks
            anyways for thinking of me :)

          • dancefan2012

            Oops that was meant for Tina… 😳

        • tina


          Clearly voting is not playing any role.

          I gave my ranking based on pure logic that Geeta team should win this time and given that both Terrance had been #2(alisha) and #4(jai) position in DID1 and Geeta had been in #2(Dharmesh) and #4Binny) position, this time in DID3 no2 and 4 will be given to Remo team so the ranking is
          1.Rajasmita(Geeta team winner)
          2.Sanam or Moehana( I dont know which one)
          4.Moehana or Sanam

          Clearly I do not support this ranking as I wanted Shaffeer Riddhika, Varun, Abhik, Sneha kapoor in top 5.

          SO BHAIVAV IS OUT THIS WEEK, GOOD. BUT I FEEL SAD THE WAY HE is out due to some burn. ( Mangesh was also out in DID owing to some injury, so I guess chalta hain).

          Dance 2012

          Thank you for Ridhhika info, I thought she is from Delhi. or may have recently move to USA/CA because she doesnot have accent at all.All American born desis or who have stayed here for 10-15 yrs develop an accent and attitude(not in a bad way but are actually more polite).
          Also CA has the largest influx of Desis, will be hard to find her, but will be on the look out for any Indian performance during Independence day or Diwali…))

          • virginie

            Tina, there is one thing I don’t understand. Maybe you can explain me. Why do you think there should be a logic in positions of the 4 finalists giving all 3 Masters’ contestants the equal positions of past DID 1 and DID 2? Do you think all of them should get alternatively the same positions in the 3 DID? Kindly explain me that. And if you are right, then the show is 100% rigged, which I wish is not :(

    • virginie

      Hey Wacky! :)
      I absolutely agree with you, they paired the future top 4 contestants with the previous DID winners :)

  • Ranjan Mishra

    My Top 4 n the next episode will be

    1. Rajsmita
    2. Mohena
    3. Raghav
    4. Pradeep

  • Ayan Pal

    Loved the episode! Loved to see the DID 1 and DID 2 dancers dance and for the most part overshadow DID 3 contestants. However, they have been bettering their dance for all these years, so will obviously have experience on their side. Now based on yesterday’s and todays performance, I have to say that Neerav and Vaibhav should make the bottom 2. The dances I loved the most were as follows:


    Twilight act of Salman – Mohena – Puneet (.5 more for Puneet – he was outstanding) Rating: 9.5/10.

    Aankh mare act of Siddhesh – Rajasmita – Dharmesh (.5 less as Dharmesh and Siddhesh overshadowed Rajastmita a bit and due to her not being able to lip sync perfectly) Rating: 9/10


    Aerial Katthak based Lavni by Abhik and Bhavana. Rating 9/10

    Ballet by Sanam and Bhavana. Rating 9/10 (.5 more due to Sanam doing this much much better than he has been dancing in the previous weeks)

    Bodyguard act by Raghav and Prince. Rating 8.5/10 (0.5 less as they due to the difficulty level being a bit less in comparison to the others.)

    Could have been better:
    Aerial patriotic act by Pradeep, Sneha, and Shakti. I had a lot of expectations from this one and was frankly let down. 8/10

    Sorry did not like:
    Kruti and Vaibhav’s Marathi Auto act – Kruti was fabulous. Vaibhav was pedestal. Do not wish to rate.

    Kunwar Amar and Neerav – Hard to believe who was the teacher and who the student. Kunwar Amar was fantastic as usual. And Neerav, as usual, left a lot to be deserved. Do not wish to rate.

  • Shamik Chanda

    Again want to clarify that rajasmita is the best..

    Anyways guuuys season 1
    remo’s team won..
    Terence got 2nd and 4th
    and geeta mam got 4th

    2nd season terence got 1st
    geeta got 2nd and 4th
    remo got 3rd

    2rd season it should b lyk dis
    1st geeta(rajasmita)
    2nd and 4th remo(sanam & mohena)
    3rd terence(raghav or pradeep)

    • virginie

      So much speculation

  • Aarzoo Sharma


  • Aamaal Naanah

    Almost,,,,,evry1 is attackin croc boy& oda contestant but nt d choreographers 4 d kind routine,thy choice 2 gv d students unda them 2 perform,,,,i think dat is whn,we wil only hv d rite to push any1 unda d train/bus((only whn a contestant purposely refuse a challenge/routine given 2 them..

    For master terrence i wuld advice him to gv raghav a new routine lyk:freestyle,bollywood,hip-hop e.t.c or else he is going 2 loose a brilliant/gud dancer.. SOON..due 2 wat i read on dis blog,,he is d most target contestant 4 now….

    • virginie

      You are very right, Aamal…

      • Aamaal Naanah

        Thanks a lot……..for sharing my point of view,,,,

        • virginie

          You are most welcome :)

  • Shamik Chanda

    But aamal hav u noticed dat when croc was given contempry to do ny terence he cudnt execute it well.. So even after giving chance he cudnot prove his versatility..

    • virginie

      So you are determined in destroying Raghav and promoting Rajasmita… That is not very fair…

    • Aamaal Naanah

      Cmon yaar”shamik”i can recall vividly lyk 2 or 3 weeks ago,,whn raghav did dat contempary he got an apprasial 4rm all d masters EVEN mr critic(REMO)4r his perfomance dat day”especially d way he demonstrate d writting wit a smilling face..


    Congrats to the DID family on completing 100 episodes.

  • Shamik Chanda

    @virginie: yup i m promoting rajasmita because she is my favourite… But dat doesnt mean i m destroying raghav… He is damn good and he was my fav when he came… But now i think same style doesnt work..

    • virginie

      Well I believe we should not “promote” but try to be impartial giving our review, like good judges.

      Obviously one is more attracted towards some person, but that does not mean that this person is the best.

      And by the way, my favorite is Raghav, still I am not promoting him, I say that objectively, the more versatile and talented contestants are Pradeep and Mohena.

      I accept that Rajasmita is talented and could be in the top 4, but she is not versatile as these two.

      And Raghav is exceptionally talented in his own style and creative (something none of the other contestants is and no one can imitate him) but he is not versatile either.

      So I believe in fairness.

      • virginie

        And to me, talent and uniqueness are more important than versatility. The unique inimitable dancer in DID 3 is Raghav. Thus I believe he deserves to be top 4.

  • Shamik Chanda

    Aamal: i agre.. Dat writing was very beautiful.. But friend when we people compare raghav with others and say he is best in slow motion we must also compare his slow motion with others and understand he was quiet week compared to others..

    • virginie

      We cannot compare Raghav’s slow motion with others because nobody can do as well as him in slow motion. No one at all. You can say many things, but you cannot say Raghav is weak in slow motion.

      • raj shetty

        raghav slow motion is doesn mean he should dance lik tat in all his routine….he is not good in any other dance forms,,so its better to vote for right dancer who can dance diff forms.

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    First ov all,congrats 2 DID FAMILY on their century episode.n d episode was performance every1.@shamik i understand u luv rajasmita n shes ur favourite,n das gud,bt u shuld try n b rational,lyk nw i luv raghav alot n he is ma favourite 2,bt i understand dt doin sumtn continously gets boring,dts y i suggest dt hs slow motion shuld reduce n add more innovation 2 d slow motion n more creativity.cuz d dance is already unique bt wen he spices d slow motion up is gonna b fantastic,rather than hm doin dsame slow motion i stil luv him cuz asyds d dance i see other qualities in raghav like him being a good comedian n a good communicator 2 i thnk we shuld b rational in our judgements rather than being irrational.hurray DID family,luv u all.

  • Aamaal Naanah

    Yep!!!i quiet i agree wit u,i hope master terrence gvs RAGHAV a routine this week dat doesnt involve any slow motion(which obviously he is d best)til may be semi or grandfinal,if he makes it 2 d top4,,,,,

    MASTER TERRENCE WE NEED YOU TO CHANGE CROC BOY RAGHAV’S ROUTINE OR SPICY IT UP,,Or else u will loss him and dat wil be ur fault,,,cuz he’s rating is crashing down,cuz people r gettin bored of seeing d same old routine,,,,PLSSSSSSSS!!!!!HELP!!!!HELP!!!!HELP!!!!

  • Shamik Chanda

    Agreed with both…

  • HostMaama

    Before I make any comments today, I ask myself;
    Is he/she a versatile dancer?
    Can he/she defend or justify the DID title and make long term contribution in the field of dance?
    Is dance part of his/her life?
    Do you think he or she can turn dance life into profession?
    If you say YES from the bottom of your heart, I would like to express my view based on their performance.
    Pradeep Gurung ★★★★★
    Abhik Banerjee ★★★★
    Mohena Singh ★★★
    Rajasmita Kar ★★
    Sanam Johar ★

    • dancefan2012

      You got that right for long run. What do you think about this post performance? :roll:

    • virginie

      I have to agree with you too, Hostmaama, from this point of view, you are absolutely correct

      • HostMaama

        Thank you…Virginie

  • Aamaal Naanah

    YES!!!!! all d above contestants cn mk DID proud by bring their own unique talent&quota,, ,definetly awesome performers including d evicted contestant,,,,,

    But smtyme dances is nt all abt versitility,steps,but creativity,innovation,emotions,expression,charisma,confidence nd a very killer admirable persona/personality e.t.c
    1-pradeep=versatile&energetic,almost flawless..
    2-mohena&abhik=passionate&soul dancers,
    3-rajasmita=energetic,unpretictable(+vely),she is full of surpising act/performers,
    4-raghav=innovative,creative&”brilliant in d sence 4 developing his own dance style concept/style ie slow motion”great personality(comedic)
    5-sanam=very good dancer,charismatic and damn very confident in himself,which i assume works 4 him well 2 his advantage..,,,,,
    AND MY BEST WISHES TO VAIBHAV,,,,DAT IS REALLY SAD &painful fr d burn&injury..

    • virginie

      Absolutely agree!

    • virginie

      Dear Aamaal,
      I just read the news and came to know what happened to Vaibhav. I am shocked. Though it is possible, I never thought these unfortunate accidents could actually happen. We use to take things for granted and here I just see a wonderful human being (Vaibhav) loving us so much and having lost a finger just to entertain us in DID. I feel very bad for having said anything about him, he did not deserve any criticism, he deserved only encouragement like you are doing. I admire you for your positive energy and comments.
      May God bless Vaibhav and may no more accidents happen on DID stage, and may God give us some humanity like you have, Aamaal. Please God, help us to be always better human beings and help Vaibhav to succeed in his goals and to overcome this unfortunate accident.

  • Aamaal Naanah

    MERCI………i was really heart broken ystrday by d news,4 d pass 2 week i hv been noticing his left feet been wrapped wit bandage,,,,dis jst d janta all dis contestant wil go extra mile 2 please us,even 2 their own detriment ie VAIBHAV(despite sustainin severe injury prior before)he stil performed not 4 all himslf but d ”janta”who keeps still pushin him unda d busy..(critize)4 dat only ”HE WILL GET A GRAND SALUTE FRM,,CUZ HE IS A TRUE ARTIST&4 DAT ALONE I WILL ALWYS RESPECT HIM::1 ONE LOVE…..VAIBHAV…

  • virginie

    You mean he has lost his finger 15 days back and was still dancing?????? :( :( :( My God, what a courageous and admirable man is Vaibhav! I take back all my previous words as I did not even notice that! Silly, silly! Vaibhav, you are a true HERO!!!!!

  • HostMaama

    Masters and Dancers, Safety Always Comes First for us. People dance, develop, build, operate, and maintain the lifting equipment at a variety of challenging locations and conditions. We all want they arrive home in good health after a working day. So please always think before you act, because safety comes first, and that’s a fact.Thank you.

  • virginie

    So tomorrow, according to my sources,
    1st Rajasmita
    2nd Mohena
    3rd Raghav
    4th Pradeep
    5th Sanam
    6th Abhik
    7th Neerav
    Poor Vaibhav is out

  • virginie

    I am dying to see Terence dancing… He is such a great dancer! Tomorrow… :) :)

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    Really @virginie Terence will dance 2mrw,wow am so xcited abt Dat.can’t wait

    • virginie

      Sorry dear, it’s on “ranibar”, i believe that’s on Sunday, not tomorrow Saturday :(

  • krunal rami

    hey i need audio track when raghav and prince did dance bodyguard one can you please send me that track i’m big fan of raghav i love that music please can you send me my email id please thanks

  • pi_nk

    Salman is still as gorgeous as he was in season 1!!! =)
    Gorgeous performance, gorgeous smile, and gorgeous voice.

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