Tanvi and Anshul Salsa dance Aditi Hasde

Tanvi and Anshul Salsa dance Aditi Hasde

Tanvi and Anshul Salsa dance on Aditi Hasde.

Tanvi and Anshul Salsa dance Aditi Hasde

  • shaluBillu

    tanvi is really cute, but i think she can’t dance well
    when she is solo… she had a good chemistry with salman especially
    and nt forgting anshul… anshul is charming!!!

  • sidhu

    ya aditi hasde is very fabulous performance by both tanvi & ansul..super chemistry

  • swimi

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!
    Chemistry is way better between Salman and Tanvi!


    Tanvi and Anshul were Superb. The Guru, I mean Terrence is not only top but very elegant.

  • sidhu

    Im the big fan of this Performance..

  • Rahul

    Tanvi u r cute….
    i love u

  • reena

    they wr fantastice

  • Soumen Mitra

    Performance of joy and Romance


    hEY tANVI mAI tO bAS ItNA kEHnA cHAHTA hU tHaT i lOVE yOU.

  • Haya

    I love to see the chemistry between tanvi and salman and i love u both and i miss anshul

  • jigi

    tanvi ilove you me tume dekhta hu to meri sub gusa utr jata he

  • jigi

    tanvi tu sabse achi dikhti ho

  • Adnan

    I thought the chemistry between Salman and Tanvi was better but I thought that Anshul was a better dancer than Shubho. Shubho has not danced and other style other than his freestyle hip hop where Anshul has tried to do different styles and had more style.

  • punjabian

    tanvi is EXCELLENT!!! she has great chemistry and is brill at salsa!!! i think she needs to work on her solo and she could come in and be ready for the next D.I.D. show! tanvi rocks!

  • faribabu

    what a performane .just love to watch it 4444444444444000004 times

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