Kamlesh Patel Ahmedabad Auditions 6th Feb

Kamlesh Patel Ahmedabad Auditions 6th Feb

Kamlesh Patel is handicapped but his spirit is something to salute, he gets taqdeer ki topi.

Kamlesh Patel Ahmedabad Auditions 6th Feb

  • bhargav

    it’ll really inspiring……nd even his dance … the final salute was really awesome.. even the great dancer can’t have such an attitude……


    please provide ph no or add. of kamlesh patel dancer

  • Asmit

    i just salute kamlesh. my eyes fill with tears after seeing his dance. what a confident he has in his life..

  • Jay Sondagar

    Nothing is impossible.. The Gujju.. kamlesh patel change the dream into reality & give it a body.
    Realy very inspirational & motivational.
    We’ve leg still we can’t do such or many other things & Mr. K.Patel. Really Ex.Ordinary.

  • rajesh lutya kumbhasan

    oh my god..i just salute kamlesh is really winner in dance india dance..nathing is possible…

  • Rahul Anand

    With god Grace and ambition of Kamlesh i salute it is really winner in dance india dance..Nathing is impossible…

  • Tasina

    wow..he is really amazing ..

  • Simi

    WOW! Inspirational! Amazing! Kamlesh leaves you breathless and in tears. I can’t think of enough words to describe not only the talent but the fearlessness of this man! WTG Kampesh!

  • bhumi

    kamleshh jee u are amazing i have never been so0o emotional in my life buh after watching this video i apperiate all my body partsss becuz watching peopleee who are in pain is hard 2 c…i usually dont watch any indian shows buh after this videooo i will support mr. kamleshhh all the wayyy in dance india dance….if people with disabilitiesss conplain y god did this n that 2 themmm they should look at it positiveee like mr.kamlesh doess..very emotionall, courageous, curtiois, inspiration, influencial, euphorical, animation, elatedned, exaltation, encouraged, stinulation. n many otherr words!!!

    this video had woken me up!

    ~Bhumi Kakadia~

  • Jatin

    Dear Kamlesh ji,

    I dnt have time to watch tv, but only for your performance, i spare my time for your programme. If I was the judge, really gave you the first prize n listen its not sympathy its a reality………………………………….


  • bimal adhikari (nepal )

    wow………. im really happy when i saw kamales proformence really i ,ll support ur,s challenge and i suggest every body please support him plsssssssss ” GOD BLESS YOU KAMALESH “

  • srikanth

    As an Indian I salute to kamlesh’s performance

  • ranjan singh

    hats off to u kamlesh bhai u r rocking u make us proud

  • Shreyas

    Absolutely amazing Kamlesh … I salute you !!!

    This competition is just not for people like you … You are far above it.

    With your spirit, I am sure you will do great in your life and may not need wishes from people like us but still, for whatever it is worth, I wish you all the best.

  • dr.vikram pal

    this clip is inspirational and highly motivating …..compliments to mr.patel for his dedication and devotion to his passion……..hope we can match even 1% of his sprit in doing what we do in our daily lifes, it could change the country we live in….

  • Arun

    Its amazing,

    How a disability can be converted into a special ability, which cannot be repeated.

  • Ajin Pisharody

    This goes a message to all who believe achieving targets in your professional and personal life is difficult and tedious. It should be the will that has to drive you through the course.

    HATS OFF KAMLESH, a management lesson so well taught.

  • hadiyah

    Can someone please tell me what kamlesh patel’s home address is? I would like to know because I would like to contribute some money to him. Anyone out there. please reply ASAP. If anyone knows him, please notify me ASAP. I live in America and this show rocks ALOT! Dance India Dance is definitely a great way to showcase dancing talent to everyone around the world today!! Thank you.

  • Saroj Sharma

    I don’t know why but I burst into tears seeing his performance….there are no words that can describe this awesome performance and attitude…I just salute him… Its the attitude that matters towards life… n he has got it all….. He is an inspiration for all, who are blessed but give up very soon… I salute him….

  • Siddharth

    i just want 2 say 1 line u taught every indian u & seriously u should be proud 2 be indian bcoz u told about that wt is life

  • karthik

    So what happened to him? Did he get qualified or did everyone clap and cry for him and then sent him back home kindly? Frankly i am sad that society can put such an idea in this mans head that he will be nothing if he did not do this and prove himself to everyone..! why do we all have to prove ourself to some one and who is that fat lady and y do i have to get her approval! all this sucks.. ppl just need to learn to live in peace thats final.

  • Anand Bhatt

    I am organizing a camp for Jaipur Foot , where we will have many people who have lost their limbs due to many factors, If i can show this video to them all , they all I think will feel really proud and would filled with new energy in their life.

  • Narsim

    never seen anybody performing like this before !! hats off !!!!!

  • Manvendra Kumar

    Amazing talent……..
    No words to say….
    just too good…

  • prashob

    unmatched performance……….

  • Prathap–unaivnad



    VA USTADDDD….. WA…………………

  • Bhavesh

    kamlesh bhai tussi great ho yr, tame to bilkul j bhukko kari nakhyo, u jst reminded me practicle implementation of :


    man gaye gurrru man gaye. u made me feel proud of being indian.
    not for me but if u ask nybdy who watched it well for all of dem YOU R WINNER U R WINNE AAP SIRF DID KE WINNER NAHI HO AP NE TO ZINDAGI KO BHI HARA DIYA HAI. U ROCKS.


    We salute Dance India Dance team to bring out a SUPER STAR like Kamalesh Patel. He is a great inspiration for all. We want to see him again and again. Let our country take care of him.
    Anti Corruption India Drive (ACID)

  • Gnet

    exceptional performance!!!
    i was simply moved to tears watchin this video.
    i think its a wake up call for us…..
    wat a huge amt of willpower he has man….!

  • ajineshravi

    it is really excellent performace.I just registered this site only to post comment for his(kamalesh) performance…
    that will power is inspiring everybody…

    a big congrats

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